bag on trampoline ??

Posted By: flying_dutchman

bag on trampoline ?? - 07/06/11 11:05 AM

My Magic Marine bag is rather worn out. Made some repairs but I'm sure the zipper won't last much longer. Size approximately 30 x 45 mm but tht's not too critical.
Amazingly enough nobody seems to sell these kind of bags anymore. Did quite some searching on the internet without any results. Looks like I'll be forced to make one myself..
Does anybody know a shop still selling these bags ?
Posted By: hobiejay

Re: bag on trampoline ?? - 07/29/11 02:31 AM

If this site doesn't have it, try Murray's Marine.
Posted By: flying_dutchman

Re: bag on trampoline ?? - 08/03/11 10:43 AM

Thanks very much. I'm familiar with this company - they sell an amazing amount of cat-parts but could not help me out neither. Except for this relatively (too) small (spare part) bags....
Obviously because most catamarans with spi use other means to store it the market has decreased too much to remain interesting.
Several companies confirmed I'll most likely will have to make them myself...
Posted By: Fool on the Hill

Re: bag on trampoline ?? - 08/04/11 09:25 PM

Strictly Sail in Cincinnati stocks them. They aren't really a mail-order place, but they will ship things. (513.984.1907)
Posted By: TEAMVMG

Re: bag on trampoline ?? - 08/08/11 08:00 PM

Ive got a couple of the Hobie ones with the fibre glass batten hoop in them.

used, but serviceable

20 + postage if you want one
Posted By: Andinista

Re: bag on trampoline ?? - 08/30/11 11:52 AM

There's plenty on ebay
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