What is up with my rudders?

Posted By: fmsfih

What is up with my rudders? - 05/14/17 05:37 AM

Hi Hobie fantasts,

I got this H16 from a relative last year and did not sail it last season. When getting it ready for the summer now I realized the angle of the rudders look very funny (are they not supposed to be parallel with the hulls)?

I can not really see what is wrong here / how to adjust it - but it does look funny?

Any help / guidance would be highly appreciated!

Posted By: rattlenhum

Re: What is up with my rudders? - 05/14/17 04:23 PM

They have been installed backwards. Pull rudder pins, switch the assembly around so that the casting/blade currently on starboard is moved to port (and vice versa), then reinstall rudder pins.

This is a common mistake when removing rudder assembly for trailering or whatever. It's sort of like setting sail with the plugs out.........some folks have done it; the rest will! It results in severe rudder toe out and will make your cat sail like a dog!

For future reference, (looking forward) the tiller arms should be slanted inboard relative to the blade (Google Ackerman Steering if curious as to why) and the hiking stick yoke should be slanted forward. Some folks put a little electrical tape on one side of the crossbar (or red tape on port, green on starboard) as a reminder.
Posted By: Malcomz

Re: What is up with my rudders? - 09/29/17 08:51 AM

At first glance, I would suspect the blades were installed backwards.
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