Batten Tapering

Posted By: bbateman

Batten Tapering - 09/06/06 03:01 AM

Is it important to taper the battens on a H16? What's involved? Are there any good references on how to do this for the H16?
Posted By: Philthy

Re: Batten Tapering - 09/30/06 12:04 PM

I've got two spare upper battens that are tapered for a bit more drive up top in the light stuff but really I don't think it makes any difference. Better to spend the time on the water to improve other skills that will pay bigger dividends on the racetrack.

However if your real keen then just grind down the forward 2/3 of the batten tapering toward the front end, just take out small amounts at a time and check the flex in it.

Cheers Phil
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