14 foot max speed?

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14 foot max speed? - 03/04/11 06:19 PM

The following were posted on the Weta site, any comments, I have a feeling Daryl will have some info.

"I had to ask the question! I have seen comments about 16.8 being the fastest
recorded speed on a Weta. Given that they look fast on a reach, that would put
the max speed slower than a bunch of other monohulls. Even the Blaze has been
clocked at 18-20knots on a flat non tidal lake. There are plenty of videos of
wetas looking quick has anyone clocked any better when the tide was not a big

"in my experience...
they are only 14' with¬ relatively¬ low volume and short ama's (by "balls to the
walls" tri standards anyway)
on a beam reach 14knots is about the best i can get, but that's in about 10
knots of wind!
to go faster you need to be sailing much deeper angles, say 130degrees, so the
bow buoyancy can help the leeward ama when needed. also have to be well hiked
well out the back corner to keep it on the plane
you'll need much more wind to make this work, say 20knts of wind to get 16knts
of boat speed?
after 20knts of wind you are pretty much well too much into survival mode to try
for max speed runs
eventually someone will crack the right combination of wind, water and sails and
bravery while carrying a gps that is switched on and recording a track that
exceeds 16.8knts
but it's a rare thing in the 14' world
don't think i've EVER seen an uploaded gps track of 16knts for a 14' sail boat
perhaps i should go trawl the I14 and B14 skiff forums:o)¬
eric e
let's say 130degree broad reach with 20knot winds may provide about 16kts boat

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Re: 14 foot max speed? - 09/05/11 11:43 PM

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Re: 14 foot max speed? - 02/05/13 06:11 AM

Lake Cootharaba Jan 2012 an arrow on recorded GPS 19Knts max.
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Re: 14 foot max speed? - 02/05/13 10:51 AM

It is very hard on a weta to get your weight in a position to stop the leaward hull sinking due to no trap wires and bendy mast. It feels fast and is tiring to ho.d the sheet in plenty of wind but there's a lot of drag. The arrow on the other hand gets up and planes in proper wind so it's no surprise to me that it has a higher speed. I enjoyed sailing both boats
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Re: 14 foot max speed? - 02/05/13 02:11 PM

Curious what the max speed on a Hobie 14 is? I've raced windsurfers on mine and held them pretty well, but didn't have GPS on board at the time. I would guesstimate we were north of 20kts at times, but that is just a guess. Two people with one on the wire to keep the lee hull out in 30 kts of breeze.
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Re: 14 foot max speed? - 04/25/13 11:25 AM

A couple questions for any Hobie 14 guys:

1. Anyone use the Jib Kit? I was thinking of adding one to my H14, not for class racing, just for downwind speed and more power going upwind in lighter air. Any trouble with the jib kit that I should know about before I spend the bucks?

2. Anyone added foot straps to the back end? I was thinking of placing a foot strap either on the hull, aft of the aft corner of the platform, or on the very aft of the platform, but I'd have to tap screws into the aluminum frame and I don't really want to do that.

I find I put my front foot on the aft corner and my back foot on the hull as far back as I can get, when I'm reaching in big wind, to keep it from a nose dive into the back of a wave, but it's slippery back there! Has anyone figured out a good location for a foot strap?
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Re: 14 foot max speed? - 04/26/13 04:38 AM

You're to far fwd. Front foot on the back corner of the hull, back foot on the rudder casting.
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