Non skid: gunwale

Posted By: Phillip

Non skid: gunwale - 09/25/13 12:12 PM

Hi swarm.
Open to suggestion for best non skid product on the gunwale, when trapezing.
Some background and constraints before we all fire off suggestions.
Currently use (3M?) rubber self-adhesive product in black. Excellent product, very expensive, needs replacing when repainting, lets go eventually especially where one drags over it when swinging out, trust the grip wearing rubber booties.
Am aware of the granulated products that can be added to paint, during application or after. These can be quite abrasive/aggressive especially on bare skin. Can be a challenge when recoating.
Have seen a textured finish on the Tupperware boats and would be interested how that texture is achieved: during production, post production, a screen attached post production and resined over?
Would prefer a clear finish to match the 'paint' finish.
Thanks for any suggestions.
Go timber mozzies!!!
Posted By: Matt_Stone

Re: Non skid: gunwale - 09/26/13 03:17 AM

Hi Phillip,
I have used fly screens resigned over, on the boyer boats they use plaster tape or very similer texture resign or gelcoat over
Posted By: Wrighty

Re: Non skid: gunwale - 09/26/13 10:23 AM

When I was working in a boat yard for work experience they used large grain sugar and applied the gelcoat and then sprinkled the sugar on. When it had gone hard they used hot water to dissolve the sugar and leave the sugar texture behind. I haven't tried this with paint but I assume it would work.
Posted By: Phillip

Re: Non skid: gunwale - 09/26/13 10:43 AM

Thanks guys
Know of the sugar system. Undecided here. Thanks Wrighty.
Have looked into the drywall/gyprock tape but thought it was not course enough to produce a deep relief pattern. Maybe I'm wrong here but thanks anyway Matt.
Keep the suggestions coming folks, even if I may have offended the GRP boat owners. smile
Hulls look a treat!
Posted By: Pirate

Re: Non skid: gunwale - 09/26/13 12:01 PM

Originally Posted by Phillip
.... Keep the suggestions coming folks .....

I'm watching this like a hawk..... Jurassic Karp is almost ready for paint too laugh

not boat related but ........

Years ago I ran a comp 4x4 in winch events, the navi was often required to scramble out the passengers window, across the bonnet and run out the winch cable.
Sounds basic but add mud/slush/water etc and the bonnet becomes a skaters paradise shocked

we tried several things from checker-plate to sand in the paint, the one that worked the best however was glass-beads from a sandblasting unit, added with a layer of paint, it wasn't abrasive like sand etc and yet it provided an excellent tho was an absolute bytch, took twice as many sheets of paper to do the bonnet than it did to do the rest of the 4x4.

other than that......

I recently had to install several metres of the "blind pedestrian" warning tape, extreamly adhesive and provided a good grip level, got me thinking but I don't have enough to experiment with

Posted By: Rebel without a Clew

Re: Non skid: gunwale - 09/26/13 12:51 PM

Hi Phil,
When you say plasterboard tape did you mean the "Easy tape" which is preglued on one side fibreglass open weave, if so, I have plenty, give us a bell,
Posted By: Phillip

Re: Non skid: gunwale - 09/27/13 06:36 AM

Haiiya Pirate (said with guttural accent)
Have discussed glass beads with Fibreglass Factory. Tony swears by its grippy texture. Have investigated using pre-loved beads as it finer but often there is steel particles included that corrode over time. Can lead to discolouring so new is the only option if to use the beads.
Ding Dong Rebel (said with sing song accent)
Thanks for the offer, yes that's it. Getting only 4 metres was a challenge but no more. Shall get some from you and experiment.
My new c/boards arrived today, now on with their boxes!!
Now off to the workshop to play boat builder.
smile PP
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Non skid: gunwale - 09/28/13 12:38 AM

Hi Phillip,

I have used 3 non skids over the years that worked ok. 2 have clear options.

Non skid tape 3m brand amongst others, is available in clear by the metre, clear is often used for bathtubs etc. so can be found in some hardware and plumbing stores. There is a Austalian made? (or packaged) tape that is cheaper than 3m almost anything is, that I have now had on "Thrice Bitten" for 4 years and is doing ok.

Rather than sugar in resin or varnish, I would recommend salt (just make sure it's not too humid when applied as it can become damp and effect the cure). I have used this on sailboards and gunnels in whatever paint resin etc. i was using. Gives a finer non skid than sugar, just sift it before applying.

Final one is not available clear, but I found worked well and that is K&H pool deck? paint. Commonly painted on to concrete but works on anything, is water based so has no compatibility problems and dries quickly. Can be tinted what ever colour you like and is cheap (but not available in small tins). It is latex paint and has granulated latex in it, whick makes good non skid but not abrasive, has to be recoated each season as it wears away (but doesn't wear you gear) but like I say a can is cheap and lasts a long time.
Posted By: Phillip

Re: Non skid: gunwale - 10/07/13 03:20 PM

Fitted the fibreglass plasterboard tape to the gunwale this evening. Two layers. It will be painted over but only lightly so the weave is not filled. Photo on Photobucket (along with 55 others).
Posted By: Pirate

Re: Non skid: gunwale - 10/07/13 08:16 PM

how did you hold the tape in place ???

[Linked Image]

Posted By: Got Wood

Re: Non skid: gunwale - 10/07/13 08:30 PM

Its Plasterers Tape, its self adhesive.
Posted By: Phillip

Re: Non skid: gunwale - 10/07/13 11:45 PM

Hi Pirate, It is self adhesive with a sticky back. I applied two layers thinking it would produce a deeper profile. This second layer released from the first in the presence of the resin. Horizontal sections that lifted were 'weighted' with strips of wood having PVC electrical tape applied to them as a release. The weight was to stop that section's wood strip from sliding off, it wasn't necessary to hold the tape down. Vertical areas were rolled repeatedly once the resin began to gel and increased it 'sticky' factor. Took several hours last night but passed my time on FB, Photobucket etc. Next time I will experiment further with just one layer, that layer did not lift.
PS. Still working on your instructions to get the image into the blog, chuffed I can insert a link!
Posted By: Pirate

Re: Non skid: gunwale - 10/08/13 08:20 AM

Originally Posted by Phillip
PS. Still working on your instructions to get the image into the blog, chuffed I can insert a link!

[Linked Image]


how grippy do you think it will end up being ???

hopefully I'll have mine in primer in the next week or 2 and paint wont be far behind that, so I only have a few weeks to get a non-slip surface organised if I go with a adhesive type and even less if I go with this idea....


Posted By: Phillip

Re: Non skid: gunwale - 10/08/13 12:15 PM

Hi Kingy, All going well launching this W/E and I can then comment on the grip factor after the week end.
Posted By: Pirate

Re: Non skid: gunwale - 10/17/13 12:15 PM

I was snooping around a Mitre10 shop yesterday and found a product that may well be exactly what I'm after.....
Loads of grip bare-foot / sand-shoes / wetsuit-booties without the harsh sandpaper finish wink

can be applied either by brush or roller.....

dries in 4~6 hours

wash-up with water

comes in 1, 4, & 10lit cans..... ($42 for a 1lit can but I think I can haggle that back to atleast $30 a can wink )

available in 12 "natural colors"..... BUT.....
if you buy the 'base-white' it can easily be tinted to any color you want

Rubberised non-slip Coating



more reading @...


specifically the tech data sheet (pdf download) @

drop into your local hardware store and grab a info card (much like a paint color chart), it has a "sample" on the inside of the actual product

booklet and website both say its ideal for outside and marine enviroments smile

anyone ever tried it ???


I found some pricing and color chart here....

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Non skid: gunwale - 10/18/13 08:43 AM

Sounds like another brand of the K&H DekTred that I mentioned earlier, I found it a good product, check earlier post, just makes sure you pull any masking tape early in warm weather.
Posted By: Pirate

Re: Non skid: gunwale - 10/18/13 11:50 AM

its one of many Gary.....

there is plenty of these types of rubberised paints around when you start 'lookin' wink

these are probably more well now as they have been around for a few years now....

Kiwi Grip Non Skid Paint:
fairly popular on the larger yachts....

another common one, also found its way into tradies utes under a differing names ... rinoliner, Line-X, Gator, Raptor, Hippo, Herculiner, Scorpion but started off as a marine based product.

& ofcourse..... the one you mentioned...
K & H Sure Tread

Of the samples I collected today, the tredgrip one seems to be the more user friendly of them......
like everything tho, much would depend on how its applied and to the surface its put onto...

now that I've gained a free sample (100ml) the next step for me is to tackle my paint guy and see how if tredgrip will work on the paint I want to use, last thing I need is a reaction between the 2 and a mess on my hands
I'll be using 2pak primer and 2pak base color coat and then 2pak clear..... can I get the acrylic tredgrip to stick to a 2pak paint ?

or will it all end in tears

Posted By: Phillip

Re: Non skid: gunwale - 10/31/13 11:45 AM

Hi guys
Sprayed this product onto the taped gunwale. Very pleasing grip in wet and bumpy conditions. Found it at Mitre 10. Bunnings had a similar product. Masked and sprayed 2 coats as per instructions.
Sure Tread Clear Anti Slip. 312g spray can, ~$20.
[Linked Image]
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