2015 Nats

Posted By: Simon_Hallsworth

2015 Nats - 03/04/14 10:45 AM

Hello Victorian peoples!
Has there been any discussion on final location and dates for the next Nats? Some of us need to book leave in advance as well as book accommodation.
Posted By: Matt_Stone

Re: 2015 Nats - 03/04/14 09:22 PM

trying for spears point NSW, waits for reply

Posted By: Beckit 1824

Re: 2015 Nats - 03/05/14 05:15 AM

They have an executive meeting this month and are going to discuss it so stay tuned.
Posted By: Mark_Pfennig

Re: 2015 Nats - 04/06/14 12:49 PM


Any news on the dates?
Posted By: Matt_Stone

Re: 2015 Nats - 04/07/14 02:26 AM

Hi All

The Nationals are to be held at Spears Point Amateur Sailing Club NSW

The dates are as follows:

Fri 2nd Jan - Measurement
Sat 3rd Jan - Measurement AM, Invitation Race PM
Sun 4th Jan - Racing AM & PM
Mon 5th Jan - Racing AM & PM
Tues 6th Jan - Lay day
Wed 7th Jan - Racing AM & PM
Thurs 8th Jan - Racing AM & PM, Presentation to follow


10 camping spots at the club

Caravan park 5-10 minutes drive away

Rooms available at Local RSL (upstairs)

Houses available to rent


Speers Point sailing club advised us to have the presentation dinner at the local RSL, (2 min walk), as it is less work for all of us.
Posted By: Matt_Stone

Re: 2015 Nats - 04/07/14 02:27 AM

notice of race coming soon to the website

Cheers Matt
Posted By: Matt_Stone

Re: 2015 Nats - 04/14/14 10:14 PM

OK People change of dates

Dates are proposed are:

Sun 4th Jan - Measurement

Mon 5th Jan - 11am - Invitation Race, 2pm 2 races

Tue 6th Jan - 12:30pm - 3 races

Wed 7th Jan - Lay day

Thu 8th Jan - 12:30pm - 3 races
Fri 9th Jan - 11am - 2 races



The Joker 1826

Victorian Mosquito President

Posted By: Sixth Element

Re: 2015 Nats - 07/01/14 03:01 AM

So how's everyone getting on with accommodation where is everyone staying?
Posted By: Beckit 1824

Re: 2015 Nats - 07/01/14 07:11 AM

Afternoon Gents,

The Speers Point Amatuer Yacht Club is having another executive meeting this Thursday and I have been asked to attend.

Could you please ask any and all questions to me on this thread or send me a message/call to 0427947330 and I will bring them up and get answers.

This is the last chance for a while to get things clarified so please send them on and I will try to get some clarification.

Posted By: fast energy

Re: 2015 Nats - 07/01/14 07:50 AM

hi there
I have emailed the speers point club about accommodation but they haven't replied
I am keen to have accommodation or stay with the majority
at the moment we will have at least have two mosquitos from queensland
Posted By: Beckit 1824

Re: 2015 Nats - 07/01/14 10:08 PM

Morning Brett,

I know there is a caravan park about 10 minutes drive away around the lake. There is also limited accommodation in the yacht club itself. There is a lot of accommodation around the area as it is a tourist destination, so if you search Warners Bay and the NNW corner of the lake it should present lots of options.

I will try to get some names of good options on Thursday.

Posted By: fast energy

Re: 2015 Nats - 07/02/14 02:41 AM

Thanks Luke
I will be staying in my van
So I thought I wood stay at the sailing club
Just seeing there everyone else is staying
Posted By: fast energy

Re: 2015 Nats - 07/02/14 10:06 AM

hi Luke and Matt
as in your previous post that there 10 camping spots avaible at the sailing club can I reserve 1 please
as I my coming from the gold coast and don't know the area to book accommodation
but am happy to share or be involved with a group accommodation booking
Posted By: Matt_Stone

Re: 2015 Nats - 07/02/14 10:07 PM

Ring commodore at Speer's pont to book in
Posted By: fast energy

Re: 2015 Nats - 07/03/14 07:21 AM

thanks matt
just talked to gary powell and haved booked in a camp site at the club house
chat soon
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: 2015 Nats - 07/03/14 08:59 AM

Hi all,

Peter N has booked a cabin at the caravan park smile , so I'll be staying there and taking a bike cool .
Posted By: Mark_Pfennig

Re: 2015 Nats - 07/03/14 12:48 PM


What is the name of the park your are booked into?

Posted By: Beckit 1824

Re: 2015 Nats - 07/03/14 01:07 PM

Evening Gents,

I just went to the Speers Point Amateur YC meeting to represent the Mozzies for the Nationals.

It looks like they will want to charge $2500 minimum at $100 per boat, and any number of boats above 25 at $100 per boat. (i.e. 30 boats is $3000 etc).

The club is down to 50 members, so they are very happy we can provide a PRO. They will also provide a welcome BBQ on the Sunday night, 10 x unpowered tent only camp sites at the YC (great for boat security), a fridge on the ground floor, canteen for lunches, make a BBQ available for self breakfasts and obviously toilets and showers.

They will run on water starts for whatever courses we require, there is a chandlery 3km around the lake at Warners Bay for parts and sail repairs.

I asked about accommodation but there are many options in the area, so they suggested to Google and agree on a common one. The closest pub is Pippies which is literally across the road from the YC. Addition options are also available on the Lake Macquarie Tourism website.

They suggested going to the RSL for the presentation night which is also local.

SPASC asked that the NOR be sent to them prior to being distributed, so they can include a map of the lake, and update details such as descriptions of buoys etc. I have email addresses to send it to when that is ready.

That pretty much covered it.

Posted By: Petern

Re: 2015 Nats - 07/04/14 05:05 AM

Hi all I am staying at Teralba Lakeside Caravan Park
21 Anzac Parade
Teralba NSW 2284
(02) 4958 5370.
Peter N
Posted By: Sixth Element

Re: 2015 Nats - 10/31/14 12:03 PM

As there isn't a nomination form/ list up yet who's coming?????
Posted By: Tim_Mozzie

Re: 2015 Nats - 11/09/14 10:29 AM

The entry form is on the Mozzie website now.

Click here to enter the National Titles.

Entry fees can be paid by online EFT or by cheque at registration.

If your boat does not appear in the drop-down list, contact me. Contact details are on the form.

The entry list and results (when they start happening can all be found here:

2014/15 National Titles Results
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: 2015 Nats - 11/12/14 03:00 AM

Great Job Tim (as allways),

Looks like good racing for Spinnaker boats, largest fleet so far. wink
Posted By: Tim_Mozzie

Re: 2015 Nats - 11/19/14 10:36 PM

Mk1 entries have just overtaken the spinnaker entries.

There's about 10 days left to get your entry in to avoid the late entry fee.

2014/15 National Titles - List of Entries and Results

Posted By: Sixth Element

Re: 2015 Nats - 11/21/14 02:04 PM

Come on sloop's get the numbers up! Who else is coming?
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: 2015 Nats - 11/30/14 09:19 AM

Hi all,

Hurry up and get those entries in before the discount disapears wink.

Good to see Northern NSW represented by Greg smile , regular poster on this forum. Hope we get a few more of the sloops that post here regularly entering also.
Posted By: Greg/Debra

Re: 2015 Nats - 12/03/14 09:46 AM

Only one Qld entry so far... Where are you Qld Mossies?
Posted By: Tim_Mozzie

Re: 2015 Nats - 12/29/14 06:25 AM

The Sailing Instructions are on the website now.

Nationals page
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: 2015 Nats - 12/29/14 10:31 PM

Hi all,

about 2am this morning (don't ask) I suddenly remembered the need to take Perpetual Trophies along (after forgetting some last year and getting them mailed at great expense). So thought I would try and remind all of last years recipients.

Don't forget to take any National Mosquito Perpetual Trophies along this year and if you're not going and have one at home, make sure you pass it to somebody that is going.
Posted By: Hack

Re: 2015 Nats - 01/05/15 11:30 PM

Hi all,

Is there an official or considerate person designated to post daily updates/results this forum or the FB page?? I'm sure there are many of us unable to make it, keen to be updated and made jealous by some of you folk...
Posted By: Phillip

Re: 2015 Nats - 01/06/15 11:31 AM

Try Hack. Yep, it works. takes you straight to the results.
Posted By: Pirate

Re: 2015 Nats - 01/06/15 09:48 PM

Originally Posted by Hack
.... the FB page?? ...

would some link me up please ??

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: 2015 Nats - 01/07/15 12:26 AM

Hi all,

Layday today so time for things other than sailing and socialising.

Great turn out of Mossies for nats, the fleet looks great spread out on the grass at Speers Point, beautiful location, shady trees for camping and rigging at this small friendly club, weather warm and humid. Access to the water a bit tight down concrete ramps on to rocky shoreline but with everybody helping each other out all good. Must be biggest fleet in NSW for a long time and great to have 2 from QLD & 2 from NSW.

Monday morning invitation race was light from the south and all went well. Then Monday arvo, time to get serious, with south east winds at 10 to12 knots making it choppy in the middle of the course. Few boats where ocs in the cat rigs, some went back some didn't as can be seen in the results. 2nd race was back to back, similar direction, but picked up to 14.5 knots. Wind was shifty, but not to difficult.

Tuesday, wind was further east, coming off a headland, very flat water and very gusty, about 15 to 18 in the gusts with big holes. The jelly fish caused problems for some, with rudders popping and some lock downs broken for those that didn't pop. Wind picked up as the afternoon went on with 3 bto b races run smoothly. Places swapped a lot for the small sloop fleet, but cats and spinnakers were more consistent, with th o exception of a number of calpsized in the cat rigs confused But as usual Unko had the fun and be the first spin to get wet whilst leading in the last race of the day.
Looking forward to getting back into it tomorrow, you should all be here, lock itin[spoiler][/spoiler] where ever it is next year, there is nothing like a Mossie nats bats. grin
Posted By: Hack

Re: 2015 Nats - 01/09/15 02:42 AM

Thanks for the link.

Goodluck to all in the remaining races!
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: 2015 Nats - 01/10/15 09:28 AM

Well it's been run and won, congratulations to all who attended, another great week of Mossie Racing.

There are lots of photo's to come, courtesy of Speers Point local, when those that have electronic copies have time to put them in the photo bucket. wink

Can't wait till next year grin (and my ribs and back recover tired )
Posted By: Greg/Debra

Re: 2015 Nats - 01/10/15 11:41 PM

What a fantastic Nationals! Great venue, good wind and lots of fun racing with other Mossies.

I started compiling a list of all the people we would like to thank but the list just got too long. So to all you guys and girls who gave us encouragement, advice and help, thank you!

To all you Mossie sailors who didn't come, you missed out on a great time.
Posted By: Dave M

Re: 2015 Nats - 01/11/15 08:34 AM

Yes. the 43rd Mosquito Nationals were a raging success.

To all those that competed well done and congratulations to all the place getters.

To all of the people that were responsible for the organising and running of the event ,a very big thankyou.

With the risk of stating the obvious .Without the interest and time shown by their volunteering efforts, these events just wouldn't be possible.

Finally.'What a great group of people the Mossie class has'. Everyone made the northerners (Qld/NSW)feel very welcome and shared a lot of their Knowledge with those of us that are new to the class. From attending hopefully we can better represent the class in mixed fleet regattas.

Now when I am reading the forum a lot of the info can be put into context and a face put to the names.

Dave Madden .1724 .

Posted By: mousetrap

Re: 2015 Nats - 01/11/15 12:04 PM

Well said Dave,thanks to everyone for making it such a great nationals.
Posted By: Greg/Debra

Re: 2015 Nats - 01/13/15 08:36 AM

People and boats...

[Linked Image]
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: 2015 Nats - 01/15/15 09:32 AM

Hi all,

First installment of my very bias (only from my perspective) Nats report below.

My Nats this year where not normal to say the least, having launched my new Mossie 1830 "Still Bitten" only 2 weeks before, I had not sailed for 8 months and only had 5 days on the water with sailing time varying from 1 to 4 hours each day. Thankfully with the help of the local Mossie Fleet on 2 days, I knew the boat was "up to speed" straight away.
The trip to Speers Point at the Northern end of Lake Macquarie NSW, started with a big packing up job as “Still Bitten” was joined on my trailer by “Bee Alert”, double decked on top. A short 3 hour drive from Paynesville to Bomballa just over the border in NSW late on New Years day was decided to be a good idea, before stopping in a Motel to make the long haul slightly less long on Friday. A good nights sleep was had and a relaxed 7.30 departure with a stop for Brekkie at Cooma after only an hour on the road, helped the big day of driving get rolling gently. Traffic and roads where good except the roadworks near Canberra and the hours flew by, even Sydney didn't slow us down for long and we arrived at the Speers Point Amateur Sailing Club (SPASC) earlier than expected, about 3.30 in the afternoon. The boats and trailer where dropped off, then it was time to find the Caravan Park and go “hunting & gathering” a large shopping complex was found and a weeks supplies of food and fluids, suitable for elite Mossie sailing athletes procured.
Saturday morning was a lazy one followed by a trip to the local chandlery at Warners Bay to procure some missing bits (fit for elite Mossies, lol.) Well what a breath of fresh air “Bob Fussell Marine and Sail Centre” is, I thought shops full of stuff for “Off The Beach” sailors had gone the way of the Dinosaurs, but one still remains in Warners Bay and was visited many times during the championship week, by most of the Mossie sailors, followed by many positive comments. Back to Speers Point and the unpacking weighing and measuring started, for the small number of early Mossies in attendance. “Still Bitten” came in just 100gms over, after having guesstimated the amount of lead required to be added, before she was launched in Paynesville just weeks before, making for a hassle free start to proceedings. Then followed a relaxing late afternoon and evening as more Mossies arrived and beverages where enjoyed.
Sunday another relaxed start, before arriving at SPASC to welcome more new arrivals and old friends, before more measuring, this time sails. Including spinnakers and “Still Bitten's” brand new “Irwin” spinnaker made of a new fabric (for Mossie Spinnakers) which measured no problems. Then it was time to rig and go for a burn in the building seabreeze and flatwater, a few hours of sailing up and down the southern shore line (buzzing NS14's on the way in from their final day of titles) in ideal conditions left me grinning and competitors worried (as “Still Bitten” looked and felt awesomely fast), but would the conditions be seen again during the week? Then it was time for more relaxing beverages and food, before retiring to the cabin to prepare for the start of the serious stuff on Monday.

Posted By: Dave M

Re: 2015 Nats - 01/15/15 12:30 PM

Hi Gary .

Good to see you've updated your forum details to suit your new rig.

Also a big thanks goes out to all the scholastic members of the Gippsland Sailing Academy.

Dave 1724
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: 2015 Nats - 01/16/15 07:44 AM

Hi Dave,

Yeah finally got around to updating details, tried the Avatar as well, but after hours of cropping and resizing to less than 80 x 80 as required crazy Still can't get it to change cry

For those that weren't at the Nats, The Academy will come up shortly in my Nats write up. wink
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: 2015 Nats - 01/17/15 01:46 AM

Hi all,

Second installment of my very bias (only from my perspective) Nats report below.

Monday dawned cooler and raining, but soon dried up to be cool grey and overcast with a fresh breeze from somewhere in the south. You could feel the excitement on the shore as final adjustments where made before heading out for the invitation race at a reasonable 11am. The wind was blowing up the lake so it meant there was some choppy waves in the middle of the course for the only time in the Nats and meant hobby horsing was possible on port tack if you hit a soft patch. The start of the invitation race was the usual slack affair, with some boats not trying too hard, but then the gun went and we where away, upwind was mostly trapezing, but with some soft spots requiring sitting on the side, the beats where difficult to pick the right way, with the wind shifting a bit and fluctuations in pressure. But the down winds with spinnaker where awesome as always in marginal wind, as that is when the spinnaker makes the most difference, before we new it the 3 laps of the invitation race where over and it was time to go in for lunch. After lunch Heat1 & 2 where held in similar conditions but with the wind building and swinging around to come off the land a little.

All went well with the course, the 3 fleets starting 5 minutes apart, with Cat and Sloop sailing traditional Triangle Windward and Return course and Spinnaker fleet sailing all Windward and Returns seemed able to co-exist around the same buoys ok. The Gate at the bottom end of the course was interesting for those not used to it, but offered options when the fleets came together to the bottom marks, allowing individual boats to avoid what could have been difficult situations at times and I think proved to be a good idea. That night after fluids had been replaced as is required after a hard days sailing by elite atheletes, it was noted that when some of the sailors arrived that they had labelled their boats Rye YC Racing Team and camper Lake Boga YC Racing Teams, but with “Still Bitten” and “Bee Alert” winning both heats in the Spinnaker and Cat rig divisions, it was suggested (with tongue firmly planted in cheek) to the boys from Rye and the Grumpy Old Men from Boga that the Gippsland Lakes Academy might be the place to learn to sail. grin
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: 2015 Nats - 01/17/15 02:35 AM

Hi all,

Third installment of my very bias (only from my perspective) Nats report below.

Tuesday, it was back to sunshine and hot and humid conditions. With a very “gentlemanly” 12.30 pm start time for the days racing, giving plenty of time for fixing up what needed it from the first days sailing and also plenty of time for the wind to get blowing and settle in direction. It was from the East, which meant it was blowing off the headlands on the southern end of Warners Bay, making for very flat water, but even shiftier wind than the first day with again mostly trapezing conditions, with some big holes near the headland. 3 races where held in rapid succession, less than 45 minutes per race for the Spinnaker fleet, with the wind not shifting consistently enough to require buoys to be moved or anything serious like that.
The leading boats from each division usually finished at similar times, as did the back markers and I for one appreciated the time to recover between races as the spinnaker keeps you very busy when racing, but it was probably tougher for the back markers with only a short break between races. The Jellyfish particularly near the western shore caused some problems for a few sailors during the week, knocking up rudders and in a couple of cases when rudders didn't “pop” some lock down damage, but apart from that all seemed to go well. Many positive comments where heard about the “Hollywood Finish” (short beam reach from the bottom gate to a finish line off the stern of the start-finish boat), after all who doesn't enjoy a screaming reach, though it did require the cat rigged spinnaker boats to drop spinnaker most of the time making for a busy finish, but the sloops loved it. Things where going very smoothly timing wise, with the sailors off the water after 3 races having time to walk up the road for dinner at “Pipis” before heading back to the club for the AGM. Where much discussion was had but no real changes where made, so all should be much the same for the next year, another attribute of the Mosquito class, stability in the organisation.

Then the sailors retired to their various camps, for more fluid replacement (as required by all elite athletes), this was a late night for most with a lay-day next day taking the pressure off, continuing the laid back feeling of the Mossie Nats and giving plenty of time for socialising. smile
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: 2015 Nats - 01/17/15 04:08 AM

Hi all,

Fourth installment of my very bias (only from my perspective) Nats report below.

Thursday, was yet another hot and humid day with a late start, so more time to relax before the 12.30pm start, with 3 back to back races planned. The wind was somewhere in the east again, blowing out of Warners Bay, so more flat water and gusty conditions. First race offered the strongest breeze whilst racing so far, the heavier crews where starting to grin and the Sloops where a ball of spray. Spinnaker handling was starting to become tricky and you couldn't wipe the green grin off the skipper of “Kryptonite” grin as he rolled over the top of “Still Bitten” near the top mark. Surprisingly in the second race the wind moderated a little, as it started to shift more northerly.
By the start of the third race, the wind had shifted quite a bit and got stronger again, it was full on racing, flat out and fast, with the wind shifting so far that the spinnaker boats where going straight from the top mark to the bottom with no gybes! Again “Kryptonite” was battling with “Still Bitten” for the lead and as they approached the leeward gate for the last time there was nothing in it, a gybe on to Port for the finish line put “Still Bitten” under pressure and a attempt to complete the required right angle change of direction with the spinnaker still up, resulted in a capsize and knocked more than the wind out of my sails (as I dived across to the other side of the boat trying to save it from capsizing and the gunnel came up to meet me and caught me in the ribs, then when the mast hit the water, I was thrown on to the boom landing on my lower back ). After recovering from being winded and righting the boat I looked around expecting to see the rest of the fleet gone past, but few boats where there, it was then I looked at the Finish Boat and saw the abandonment flag, it was a no race after all.

Back on shore there was much discussion about the last race being abandoned, but ultimately it was the RO's call, initially due to the wind shift causing the racing to be unfair (like straight from top to bottom mark for the spinnaker boats) and then the wind getting too strong. As you would expect these discussions carried on into another evening of fluid replacement, along with a lot of talk about “Fat being Fast” confused . But I would like to think it was the cream rising to the top wink .
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: 2015 Nats - 01/18/15 03:47 AM

Hi all,

Fifth and final installment of my very bias (only from my perspective) Nats report below.

Friday the final day, surprise, surprise it was hot and humid, but showing the weather did change during the Titles, there was very little wind. An 11am start was planned so sore bodies got moving early, only too hang around at the club as the postponement flag went up. After lunch the sea breeze started and it was time too head out, I for one was feeling much the worst for wear, but the racing must go on. Yet again wind was North East out of Warners Bay, making it gusty and the water flat. As soon as the racing started I knew I was in trouble, I just couldn't throw myself around the boat as usual, with sore ribs and lower back restricting my movement. It was mostly trapezing conditions, with a few “sit on the side patches” if you found yourself in the wrong spot, I couldn't lay flat on trapeze and moving across the boat whilst tacking or gybing was very uncomfortable, but was managing to hang in around 5th place, then in the last lap a few shifts went my way and I managed to get across the finish line in 3rd place. Thankfully the flag to signal that another race was to be started was up, this meant a minimum of 9 races would be held, which meant 2 drops, as much as my head said “yes” I wanted to compete and continue racing with the other guys, my body was saying “no”, on rough calculations I was confident I could head in and drop the final up to two races that I did not compete in, so I told the start boat I was retiring and headed in.
Back on shore at least I didn't have to rush to pack up, but soon another boat was in, one of the Cat rig leaders “Atreus” was taping up a damaged bow from a collision in race 9, from which he retired, this would have a influence on the final results in that division, but he went back out as the full complement of 10 races was to start. Despite moving slowly (nursing my injuries), I was just about packed up when the fleet came in and started the big pack up, that signals the end of another great National Titles, sad to think that we will have to wait another 12 months to have this much fun again. As had been the case all week packing up was a very social time and the winners where grinner’s, soon it was time to put “Still Bitten” on the trailer and “Bee Alert” was ready to go on top, “it was all over except the shouting”.

The Presentation at the near by Macquarie Club, was a fitting finale to a great week, another chance for fluid replacement, plenty of food and prizes galore, calls of “Fat is Fast” heaps of laughs and stirring. The goodbyes dragged on for ages and everybody said they would be at the Nats again next year, doesn't matter where you placed, the Nats are so much more than just another chance to win trophies. They are an annual gathering of the “Swarm” to celebrate all that is great about sailing “The Racing Cat” a catamaran that has has stood the test of time, because the Mosquito class rules have allowed gradual development, keeping the Mosquito lively and exhilarating to sail for the experienced, but not too difficult for those learning and so versatile with it's Cat rig (one up), Sloop rig (two up) and for the past 10 years spinnaker rigged options. cool

Saturday, dawned you guessed it hot and humid, after a early breakfast at the cabin it was time to hitch the trailer, wave goodbye to the “Grumpy Old Men” plus one “Fat Grinner” and head south. Again the miles flew by and apart from my back and ribs it was a painless journey, arriving back in Paynesville in time to load “Bee Alert” back on it's trailer and enjoy a roast Lamb dinner (one advantage of the wife staying home), then “Bee Alert” headed of to make the final leg of the trip, the 1 hour 45 minute drive around the lake to Loch Sport (about an hour by water). It was back to work Monday and a trip to a Sports Physio was required to check out what had become a very painful back, he reported a damaged disc in the lower back and along with what where still sore ribs, he prescribed rest with some basic exercises. Which is why I have had time to do this write up, the back is feeling much better but the ribs are still trouble, but hopefully I will be able to sail again soon, just loving the new boat, I am definitely “Still Bitten”. grin
Posted By: Dave M

Re: 2015 Nats - 01/18/15 09:59 AM

Hi Gary .
Nice report on the Nationals ,Thanks for that. The 2015 sailing year should be a better one for you now that the new boat is mostly sorted ,
Dave 1724.
Posted By: Tim_Mozzie

Re: 2015 Nats - 01/25/15 11:25 AM

The photos taken by Paul at the Nationals are in the photo album now. There are a lot of great photos. Thanks Paul.

2015 National Titles - Speers Point - Photos
Posted By: Tim_Mozzie

Re: 2015 Nats - 01/25/15 11:10 PM

I've just added the nationals results for 2000 through 2005 to the website. Looking for older results now.

Posted By: Greg/Debra

Re: 2015 Nats - 01/28/15 11:23 AM

Here is a pic from the other end.

[Linked Image]
Posted By: Dave M

Re: 2015 Nats - 01/28/15 12:50 PM

Here are some early morning photos at Speers Point .
[img:left][Linked Image][/img]
[img:left][Linked Image][/img]
[img:left][Linked Image][/img]

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: 2015 Nats - 02/02/15 07:52 AM

Originally Posted by Tim_Mozzie
I've just added the nationals results for 2000 through 2005 to the website. Looking for older results now.


That's a blast from the past (note similar sized Cat & Sloop fleets), but the start of a new "Era" in more ways than one, the 00's and some new names to Mossies on "Old Boats". Cat Rigged, Mick Floyd 7th on 960, Neil Joiner 12th on 799. Sloop Rigged yours truly 6th on 1111. Then there was the newbies on boats that us old boat sailors aspired to (they where not new then), Cat Rigged, Tim Shepperd 5th on 1659 (flash fibreglass foam sandwich hulls) and Peter Nikitin 6th on 1741 (lightweight ply boat with funny rocker line).
Posted By: Tim_Mozzie

Re: 2015 Nats - 02/03/15 01:18 AM

From the photobucket:

Interesting similarity in styles....

[Linked Image]

Attached picture caption1.jpg
Posted By: Matt_Stone

Re: 2015 Nats - 02/03/15 02:16 AM

ill save you bro!!!
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