Captions please

Posted By: Tim_Mozzie

Captions please - 03/28/14 12:54 AM

[Linked Image]
Posted By: Simon C

Re: Captions please - 03/28/14 02:37 AM

Now now Phillip... this won't hurt a bit!
Posted By: Phillip

Re: Captions please - 03/28/14 11:42 AM

"C'mon Philip, please take me out sailing with you. Pleeaasse. I'll even bring my own tiller extension so we can both steer!"
Posted By: Tim_Mozzie

Re: Captions please - 03/29/14 08:51 AM

"Look, all you have to do is wipe a fresh dog-egg on the deck like this and then you get more space on the start-line...."
Posted By: air_apparent

Re: Captions please - 03/30/14 09:46 AM

Ok Phillip now bend over and pass me that tiller extension
Posted By: Rebel without a Clew

Re: Captions please - 03/30/14 10:58 AM

Dog friendly caravan park......Phil just knelt in some while genuflecting to Pete! To the victor go the spoils!!
Rebel Without a Clew
Posted By: Rebel without a Clew

Re: Captions please - 04/09/14 12:57 PM

"Poop Deck Pappy"

[Popeyes old man]
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