Mostly Mossie Video

Posted By: Anonymous

Mostly Mossie Video - 05/05/14 09:16 AM

Hi all,

thought some might miss this great footage of Mossies, as it's hidden in the GLYC Easter Regatta thread.

Check it out here.
Posted By: Hack

Re: Mostly Mossie Video - 05/05/14 10:22 AM

Very impressive.
Posted By: Pirate

Re: Mostly Mossie Video - 05/05/14 10:55 AM

that vid needs to be added to this.....

Posted By: Pirate

Re: Mostly Mossie Video - 05/11/14 12:59 AM

good to see it was added to the mozzie site

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Mostly Mossie Video - 05/12/14 10:46 AM

I hadn't even seen all the Videos on the Website, great reminder of what is there.

A young Legendary Bob in Tassie is worth a look any time, doesn't half look like Shannon now wink.
Posted By: Dazz

Re: Mostly Mossie Video - 05/13/14 03:15 AM

I sailed at Ulverstone in December. the grass rigging area hasn't changed at all! it is a really nice spot to rig your boat, sheltered from the breeze and heaps of room.

They still have a fair mossie presence up there, its a pretty ideal sized cat for the local conditions. on the f18 we go so fast we tend to fly off the top of the waves, its pretty stressful on the boat. You can see in the video its quite bumpy despite being a light wind day.

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Mostly Mossie Video - 05/14/14 08:28 AM

Hi Dazz,

Yes Mossie Association would like to go back for a Nationals one year, but it needs to be driven by the locals.
Posted By: Greg/Debra

Re: Mostly Mossie Video - 05/14/14 01:10 PM

I like the Floyd's short, fast, "anymore cunningham..." clip.

I don't think Daniel Stone's video is on there...
Posted By: Dazz

Re: Mostly Mossie Video - 05/15/14 12:52 AM

Gary, I got a phone call from some one at the mossie association a couple of years ago asking if we would host the nationals at lauderdale. Lauderdale is a lot better place to sail but the problem is we don't have any mossies sailing down here. Sure we could organise it but its not the same when you don't have a dog in the fight.

I can see why there has not be a mossie nats down here for a long time, it seems very difficult to get those guys motivated, we rarely see them at inter club events (TASCAT)

we are hosting the paper tigers nationals here this year and hopefully the f18's in 2016

Daniel Stone's vid is bloody awesome! wasn't expecting to see the weed at the top of the mast! lol!

Posted By: Matt_Stone

Re: Mostly Mossie Video - 05/19/14 11:15 AM

hi dazz

I have tried t get them over to tassie, same response ....too expensive. I have offered to break down the cats on one trailer say about 5 to 6 mossies. they are not interested. but i will keep trying

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