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Foiling - 08/15/14 05:06 AM

hey all,
many tinkerer's in many classes have managed to jerry rigged their standard platform to be able to foil.
what is everyones thoughts on whether a mosquito platform is strong enough to withstand the forces that is created form foiling or do u think there would need to be some structural modifications??
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Re: Foiling - 08/15/14 10:11 AM

From what I've seen in the older ply boats then the strength is probably already there.... over built case slots & 10mm ply decks would probably cope quite well with the lifting, although I do have some doubts about the cases front and rear edges.....
If the case slots could withstand the load then the actual hulls probably wouldn't, specifically along the keel line. My observations on this are based on the damage I've seen from impacts (beach / rocks etc) and in 99% of situations its the hulls that suffer the damage when the case slot tears out...

The rear transoms are over built so the downward load on them would be fine, that coupled with the rear beams being in such a close proximity only helps the strength.

The only major weakness I can see is the actual beams themselves, they would certainly need to be upsized to cope
& that would require major work around the beam slots in the hulls themselves

What becomes very interesting is when you scale the std mozzie's layout to a known foiling boat, the closeness of the foil into deck locations and to the transoms are certainly on par .... although again this is based on the older girls where the case slots are further forward than the more "modern' variants which are closer to the rear beams....

As you may have seen with most foiling boats and indeed the attempts to foil a non-foiling boat, the unstable foiling appears to be due to foils being too far back, bit like roller-skating on short skates compared to more stable longer ones.


If your looking to do or be involved in an attempt I'm happy to take your money..... the A-class "cassette" boxes and foils aren't cheap (dont ask me how I know wink )... and I have a platform I'd be willing to sacrifice


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Re: Foiling - 08/17/14 08:53 AM

Hi Daniel,

there was a thread on this a while back.

My theory is that if a foam sandwich A class can cope with minimal mods, a foam sanwich mossie certainly could with the same mods. The foam sandwich A class I cut up to make a F16 was not built anywhere near as strong as my previous foam sandwich Mossie, when you think about it, an A class is 2 feet longer than a Mossie hull and the bare hull weights are not much different, so the Mossie must be stronger. As mentioned transoms are closer to rear beam etc. helping to increase strength.

I think even on the new boats centreboard are still far enough forward, they are alot closer to the main beam than pre foiling A classes.

As for beams, I am no engineering expert. But there's not much to lose, I would be willing to take the risk. Do it and I'll be standing on the beach waiting to be second to sail it.
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Re: Foiling - 08/18/14 04:57 AM

I'll be third in line.

I agree with Gary. The current foam Mozzies would have to be at least as strong as the current As. The foiling kit they put on the As would probably fit the Mozzie just the same. But foiling could actually be easier with a Mozzie as we don't have the rule that the centreboard has to come out the top of the case. We can put the boards in from below which means we can have a proper V-shaped foil which will perform better and be easier to sail than the banana-boards and it may even be possible without having to completely replace the centreboard cases (as in the A-class kit).

It's just a matter of someone being prepared to spend the money and take the risk with their nice boat smile
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Re: Foiling - 08/18/14 05:07 AM

Balancing the spinnaker on foils would be interesting. May need a longer pole and the mast raked further back - just guessing!
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Re: Foiling - 08/19/14 12:12 PM

if i have a go at it, ill be doing it on another platform, any idea where i could get a design for some foils?
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Foiling - 08/19/14 11:10 PM

Originally Posted by Kryptonite
if i have a go at it, ill be doing it on another platform, any idea where i could get a design for some foils?

This guy would be a good start and isn't far from you.

[Linked Image]

I've still got a couple of left over Exploder winglets you could use for your rudders.
Posted By: Matt_Stone

Re: Foiling - 08/20/14 10:34 AM

Yea they are from my club
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Foiling - 08/20/14 09:40 PM

that's what I thought. Normally I'd offer to help out with some foil designs for you but I'm flat out at present.
Posted By: Kryptonite

Re: Foiling - 08/21/14 06:25 AM

yep i was gonna talk to barry about that when i see him next
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