Rudder Stocks

Posted By: Nic M

Rudder Stocks - 08/24/14 08:40 AM

Hi All,

I'm after a new pair of aluminium rudder stocks. It doesn't matter if they are assembled or not. Does anyone know where I can get a set to suit the current JK rudder blades.

Thanks all.

Posted By: Phillip

Re: Rudder Stocks - 08/24/14 11:14 AM

Contact me via email
I can supply bent sections to your required measurements.
To much detail is required for this posting.
Posted By: Nic M

Re: Rudder Stocks - 08/24/14 11:54 AM

Thanks Phillip,

I'll drop you an email tomorrow.

Many thanks.
Posted By: Pirate

Re: Rudder Stocks - 08/26/14 08:53 AM


have you ever used 10mm stainless tube for the cases ?

reason I ask is I have a set here in Stainless (off of Jurassic Karp) that failed at some stage, I was thinking of making a new set of them from stainless with a couple of minor changes...

Posted By: Phillip

Re: Rudder Stocks - 08/26/14 12:02 PM

Hi Pirate. No as I can't weld SS as I know you can. I have never had the aluminium fail although others have. My construction method only requires drilling, bolts, some thread tapping; no great skills required. I strengthen suspect places especially around the rudder pivot holes and the top pintle hole in the tiller arm with riveted SS plate; off the shelf fitting RF27. I also know the aluminium system is lighter than Carp's.

[Linked Image]

Thanks for your interest.
Posted By: Pirate

Re: Rudder Stocks - 08/26/14 10:02 PM

I intend to replace Karp's cases at some stage and will probably go with the alloy version of the ones I made for TwiceShy, both stainless and alloy sets I own have had a failure of some sort.....
Karp's failed at the hinge and Shy's failed at the lower pintle, and I can see why each failed at their give points and how to 'fix' the 2 issues without major effort.

I haven't finished with Shy's cases yet and intend to make more changes in order to get it a more workable system, even the latest changes I did will be improved on with very minor mods that will give a vast improvement yet again......

The lower stainless pintle plate will be first to be changed, unfortunately it's a new plate time again but should solve the rivet load problem, the 2nd mod will be to the carbon locking system,..... It will self release when it comes under excessive load

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