Vic Cat Champs / Spinnaker States

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Vic Cat Champs / Spinnaker States - 11/06/14 07:24 AM

The Vic cat champs & the spinnaker states aren't far away.. November 15/16 at Mccrae YC

Matt and I are both entered. Who else is going?
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Re: Vic Cat Champs / Spinnaker States - 11/07/14 07:51 AM

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Re: Vic Cat Champs / Spinnaker States - 11/09/14 04:40 AM

Me to laugh
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Re: Vic Cat Champs / Spinnaker States - 11/10/14 03:54 AM

and me smile
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Re: Vic Cat Champs / Spinnaker States - 11/11/14 12:42 AM

Yard will be open at 16:00 on Friday.. probably earlier but definitely by then. Anybody local... if you want to pop your boat in Thursday after work... give me a call and I'll let you in.
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Re: Vic Cat Champs / Spinnaker States - 11/16/14 10:40 PM

Results are up. Well done to all that attended.

9th Victorian Mosquito Spinnaker State Titles
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Re: Vic Cat Champs / Spinnaker States - 11/17/14 03:35 AM

What's the story with the third race? Only two starters and only one finished... equipment failures or severe weather perhaps?
Posted By: Matt_Stone

Re: Vic Cat Champs / Spinnaker States - 11/18/14 08:30 AM

The Victorian mossie Spin States have been run and won.

Saturday was 10 knots variable winds. 4 starters.
Last div off the rank and we had karma and the joker fighting to the top mark while princess and chat blanc were battle behind. The joker got the kite up first with karma on the tail. 2nd lap karma had to tack off to do something different and worked as the joker got some 90 degree wind shift and met at the clearance mark equal. Mean while the princess and chat had spit fleet and princess had a good lead on chat. bit of confusion on who was the leader in the race committee and shortened the race on princess while joker and karma was at top mark. the joker fell into a hole while karma sailed to the finish......but wait joker got wind and karma fell into a hole just before finish line. 20meters apart karma finished. But race committee rolled the results back to 2nd lap as what the intention was in the first place.

Wet and windy.
First race started in 14 knots. Had a good start. The joker had a clear jump on the others. Joker gets to top mark pops kite and it gets windy. Half way down joker goes down with a splash. Karma sailed past, princess and chat passed aswell. Finally get up and do some chasing. Mean while Karma lost a tiller so had to head home as no spare. Princess was in front at this stage. wind has increased to 20 knots and Whoops princess (sloop) big nose dive as they were rounding top mark. Now chat blanc is leading. the joker tries to catch him but no luck.

2nd race. 3 starters.
Clean start and wind was increasing to 25 knots + and princess was feeling sore and headed in. The joker puts up kite and down to bottom mark safely but rounded mark and oops in the drink. Mean while chat had done 2 laps while in water. Joker gets up again gets to top mark and rounds mark and big gust of 30 knots and ......not again cartwheel to very end of spin pole, come to the finish chat was drifting around as the trap wire broke and mainsheet around rudder, he floated around the finish line caused himself a DNF. Sadly Chat had to go in shore.

Race 4 sunday
25 to 30 Knots......1 starter.
No big spash this race. Rough seas. Race run and won by the joker.

Really good regatta. Minor repairs such as righting rope elastic and trap elastic.

Not to bad

Posted By: Greg/Debra

Re: Vic Cat Champs / Spinnaker States - 11/18/14 10:09 AM

Thanks Matt for the great report. Reading that makes me feel like I was there watching it myself.
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