Still Bitten Sloop

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Still Bitten Sloop - 12/12/15 03:48 AM

Good news, I have finally got around to rigging "Still Bitten" for sloop sailing. Went sailing last Sunday Sloop Rig, my back is improving, hopefully all will be OK for the Nats. With Taj (pictured) providing the muscle, I was able to cope.

We have a few kids at the club that are keen to crew, Neil has had 2 of them crew for him, a YV youth Cat Clinic is being held at GLYC 7&8th January after the Nats.

Description: Still Bitten Sloop Rigged
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Re: Still Bitten Sloop - 12/13/15 09:46 AM

Awesome day sailing Mossies at Paynesville, Neil J and I sailing Sloop with Spinnaker, Tim Shepperd Cat with Spin and Peter Nikitin Cat. Just windward and returns in 12 to 15 knots so not much chance for Pete, But Neil and I had great fun and Tim kept us honest. First race I tipped at last top mark and Neil got the finish wrong allowing Tim to cross first, Second race Neil and I really turned it on racing neck and neck, awesome fun going wild down wind with the crew to leeward. But Tim got us easy on Yardstick, Neil and I would get away upwind, but Tim would catch up a bit down wind. Results on Sailres.
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