Twofold Bay Regatta Eden 2016

Posted By: Matt_Stone

Twofold Bay Regatta Eden 2016 - 01/08/16 03:24 AM

H i all

Kryptonite and The Joker are interested in going to the Twofold Bays Regatta in Eden in NSW.

Date 20th to 21st Feb

Great event with caravan parks only 5 minutes away or sleep in your car at the club. Also lots of B&B in town. If you want to splash out you can try for the cabins in the caravan park next to the club right on the waters edge.

Great racing in a unique spot with a small swell. Read the history on the town, you will be amazed.

Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Twofold Bay Regatta Eden 2016 - 02/12/16 10:57 PM

Not this year, too much on, love sailing there, but the regatta wasn't much fun last time.
Posted By: mitchellsailor

Re: Twofold Bay Regatta Eden 2016 - 02/13/16 09:41 AM

I think the 3 gingers Matt Dan and myself are all giving it a miss for anyone that was contemplating the trip smile

Bonnie will hopefully splash Saturday for the first time!
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