Boom wanted

Posted By: Greg/Debra

Boom wanted - 02/21/16 06:37 AM

We are after a boom or blank boom section. Can anyone help?

Posted By: Nic M

Re: Boom wanted - 02/21/16 03:18 PM

Paper tiger or sabre mast cut down. I bought a part length paper tiger section from Goodalls and then took the sail track off it.
Posted By: Schnoogie84

Re: Boom wanted - 02/22/16 12:37 AM

I just made one last week out of 48 x 1.6mm anodized tube. I used it for the first time on Sunday at while it bowed a touch it seemed to be strong enough. I modified my old gooseneck to fit.

This place: sells it in 3m lengths already anodized.

You can buy 50mm Aluminium round section from AHPC/Goodalls which the 50mm female/male gooseneck which he sells is made to fit.

I didnt bother with an outhaul track on the new boom, and went for an outhaul system similar to this: ( with a purchase system similar to the paper tiger. The line I pull for the outhaul comes through one side of a ronstan RF5 on the boom, and then the RF5 has been modified with an additional cleat and pulley to allow the mast rotation to got through the other side. I think there is a picture of a similar setup on the Mozzie Pics section.
Posted By: Schnoogie84

Re: Boom wanted - 02/22/16 12:37 AM

Purchase System can be seen here:
Posted By: Matt_Stone

Re: Boom wanted - 02/22/16 06:15 AM

Hi Greg

I use a Pacer / Old Paper tiger/ Sabre section.

You can get a cut length or full lenght from Keeley Marine Supplies
Section Code: K02
These Sections are not Anodised

Alternative cut the track off a cut down mossie mast or current PT mast.

You can get tubes e.g. 50mm. i personally don't like as i like to make an outhaul that slides easy inside the boom. On a round section you basically rig up outhaul same as a laser with a dyneema strop. Sometimes they don't like sliding along the boom.

Im making 3 booms in the next 2 weeks. I also make the outhaul cars. Ill post pics later. I have a 3mm 50x40mm in a egg shape, with 1 x 8mm rod welded through the bottom with a 25mm nylon wheel on each side of the plate wide enough to hit the edge of the section. (no captive pins to hold wheels on).

I have a block on the outboard end of the plate ( Greg can post pic) as its a 2:1 system.

Posted By: Matt_Stone

Re: Boom wanted - 02/22/16 06:26 AM

On the Multi hull Mayham Video on you tube in the first 30 secs has a good view on Gary Maskeil's outhaul
Posted By: Matthew Dawson

Re: Boom wanted - 02/23/16 09:38 AM
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Boom wanted - 02/23/16 08:50 PM

Originally Posted by Matt_Stone
Hi Greg
These Sections are not Anodised

If you end up with a non-anodised section a coat of Penetrol (about $30 from bunnings) will keep it shinny and nice (no white powder or finger prints). Redo it at the end of each season. Even better is shark hide or Nyalic but both will hurt the bank balance more.
Posted By: Greg/Debra

Re: Boom wanted - 02/24/16 12:13 AM

Thanks everyone for your advice.

Matt, what do you use for an end plug?
Posted By: Matt_Stone

Re: Boom wanted - 02/24/16 02:21 AM

At the gooseneck end i use a k02 to suit boom section from keeley marine supplies.the riley gooseneck slides straight in. On The gooseneck i grind out the pressed in pin and replace with bolt and the shaft that goes in the plug , i weld a nut behind it so the boom cant fall off during a race

Posted By: Greg/Debra

Re: Boom wanted - 02/24/16 05:23 AM

Thanks Matt. Do you have an email address for Keeley Marine?
Posted By: Alan Erlandsen

Re: Boom wanted - 02/24/16 07:42 AM

Hi Greg, I'm just going through the gotta build a new boom thing too. LR sails up here in Brisbane have some new but scratched Mosquito mast sections for $300.
More than happy to let you have a third of it for $100. I will even rip the sail track off with the plasma if you want.
Posted By: Greg/Debra

Re: Boom wanted - 02/25/16 04:52 AM

Hi Alan,

Thanks for the offer, but I am going to go with the P/T mast section, as I can get a piece out of a bent mast from one of the Arrow sailors at Grafton.
Posted By: Matt_Stone

Re: Boom wanted - 02/27/16 09:45 PM

Sorry no email or wrb site, still old school
Posted By: Greg/Debra

Re: Boom wanted - 02/28/16 07:41 AM

I rang them; very helpful guy there. It is not K02 section I will be using; that is an old oval section. I am using a newer P/T section. Keeley don't have the plug for that but I can probably cut down the K03 to fit.
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