Mossies at Grafton

Posted By: Greg/Debra

Mossies at Grafton - 03/19/16 09:15 AM

The number of Mossies at sailing at Grafton has just doubled... smile

We have lent our old boat to a young couple (Matt and Ainsley) and they love it. Today they whupped our arses, beating us by nearly 2 minutes frown and it is only the second time they have sailed a Mossie.

It was great to have some Mossie competition at Grafton and it is also great to see another Mossie sailing in NSW. They being a couple on a sloop makes it even better. grin

[Linked Image]

PS Our Club reporter has titled his story on the day's racing "Battle of the Mossies".
Posted By: Dave M

Re: Mossies at Grafton - 03/20/16 10:02 AM

Hi Greg and Deb.
That's really great news, hopefully they will get that bitten feeling. Keep up the good work.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Mossies at Grafton - 03/21/16 12:33 AM

Great news, are they travellers like you guy's? Next you'll need a second trailer. grin
Posted By: drew_mac

Re: Mossies at Grafton - 08/08/16 05:41 AM

Hi Grafton sailors,

Thinking of coming down your way for 10th September to sail.

Be there?
Posted By: Greg/Debra

Re: Mossies at Grafton - 08/13/16 01:42 AM

Hi Drew,

I'll be there; I'm not sure if Debra is working or not that day.

Posted By: drew_mac

Re: Mossies at Grafton - 09/04/16 10:09 PM

Hi Greg,

Still sailing this weekend?

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