Mossies at GLYC

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Mossies at GLYC - 04/18/16 01:10 AM

Hi all,

Awesome day sailing Sloop Spinnaker Mossies in light winds (Max 8 knots) with GLYC juniors yesterday. Luca skippered "Karma Cat" with Tim crewing, Jack skippered "Immunity" with Neil crewing and yours truly Araldite skippered "Still Bitten" with Oscar crewing.

Lead changed at least 6 times "Immunity" even capsized (needs a crew that is quicker to move off the leeward hull) then came back to win the race, but only a boat length seperated the 3 Mossies at the end of the race, with "Immunity" winning because they where on Starboard at the finish line, with "Still Bitten" and "Karma Cat" having to go behind them before crossing the line.

Hopefully will be doing it all again next Sunday.
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Re: Mossies at GLYC - 04/23/16 04:13 AM

Photo's in the GLYC Photo bucket, heading Barnseys Last Chance Regatta. This the link.
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