Search for the Past and clues to the Current

Posted By: Gary Fleming

Search for the Past and clues to the Current - 10/14/16 05:40 AM

I need assistance with finding some history for Mosquito 1545. I managed to acquire it on EBay just over a fortnight ago and firstly need to know if it has a name as there is nothing anywhere even on the rear beam.
Secondly for some reason it has Calypso rudder stocks and blades. Apart from weighing a ton they restrict to available track of the traveller. Does anyone have any drawings for current spec for rudder stocks and blades as well as centre boards?
Thirdly, at what stage did the boom become fixed as mine still runs in the sail track? Any info please.
Fourthly, can anyone provide me with some details on halyard locking systems?
Finally the sail controls appear pretty old hat and need to be bought into the now. Therefor if anyone has any information on setting these up it would be appreciated.
I took the girl out for a marathon race a week ago and managed to get about 100mm of water in each hull. Initial investigation has shown some unusual fitting of the centreboard cases in the bottom of the hulls (mainly big gaps and silicon).
Just to give you a bit of my background, I have been sailing a Paper Tiger at Lake Samsonvale in Brisbane for about 8 years and have decided to upgrade.
Posted By: Phillip

Re: Search for the Past and clues to the Current - 10/14/16 10:13 AM

Hi Gary, 1. no record of 1545 in the mossie history. It would be a late 1980 vintage as have info on 1542 and 1547.
2. Make contact with your local NSW/QLD group
3. Do you mean the foot of the mainsail in the boom's sail track? Never seen it on a mossie. I'll pass this one onto someone who has a longer history with the class.
4. Contact Matt Stone of Victoria. He has many fittings ready made
5. Although these pages are for rigging the spinnaker, they may assist with this topic
Good luck with your boat as they are a great and versatile class.
Posted By: Aircooled10

Re: Search for the Past and clues to the Current - 10/14/16 10:53 AM

Hi Gary.
I was at Lake Samsonvale on the same day that you were there.
There are five of us up here in Qld and can help you with any advise that you might need. That sail and rigging may be some Calypso gear like your rudder system.

There will be at least three of us at the Humpy Bash this weekend. So if you have nothing else on hopefully you can come and join us.

David Madden
Posted By: Matt_Stone

Re: Search for the Past and clues to the Current - 10/16/16 10:38 AM

Hi Gary

is the boat timber of fibreglass? If timber may not have a plate or any record. If fibreglass, most have a plate riveted on the beam or details inside the hulls at the transom.

Depends on how much you want to spend you can:
Get the latest rudder stocks (carbon), Glass rudders and dagger boards from JK Fiberglass in Vic

You can get aluminum rudder boxes off Phillip Pearce.
You can make you timber rudders and dagger boards to the restricted measurements (found on website)

i havent seen a mossie with a fitted "foot" to boom (I know Paper tigers do) but to my knowledge we have always had loose foot booms. i do have a track in boom tho (strength)

I make the Halyard/ shackle and hook for the top of the sail. send me a PM and ill email you with pics. or go and see daves boat The Jester 1826 for the lastest gear that i do.

Again look on daves boat for control systems. also i can provide pics.

You can contact me via (
Matt Stone
(no boat yet 18??)

Posted By: drew_mac

Re: Search for the Past and clues to the Current - 10/16/16 10:22 PM

Hi Gary,

Drew here.

Get in touch with me, will send you a PM with my details.

I may be able to assist with some fittings, correct rudders, mast, sail etc as I have an older timber mossie that is damaged.

Between us up here in Qld we can get you sorted to have a complete mossie on the water.
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