Mossie Sloop with Spinnaker.

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Mossie Sloop with Spinnaker. - 11/15/16 09:21 AM

Interesting afternoon sailing at Paynesville last Sunday, we had 5 Mossies and one Viper (Jack Felsenthall) enter for the Crawford Trophy (Around Raymond Island) Race. Wind varied in strength a lot and changed direction as we went around with lots of spinnaker time (too much by some). Race was won overall on YV yardstick by Neil and Ben sloop with spinnaker (check interesting very close results in a very mixed fleet below and on Sail Res), amazing when you consider it turned in to a drifter at times.
Learnings during the race where, that you can twin string a Mossie with the spinnaker up (135kg on the wire) and it's really fast at times, but you should also pull down the spinnaker when it gets real tight, as Sloop sailing Mossie is also very fast, Neil pulled his down early and went past.

1 1789 Immunity Mosquito Sloop + Spin Neil Joiner 77.0 1:17:55 1:41:11 1
2 V05 Nitro Formula Fifteen Mark Jefferis 92.0 1:34:17 1:42:28 2
3 1775 Karma Cat Mosquito Cat + Spin Tim Shepperd 78.5 1:21:05 1:43:17 3
4 3611 Ten Pound Note Flying Fifteen Trevor Williams 109.0 1:52:43 1:43:24 4
5 3854 Relience Ffenty Ffoo Flying Fifteen Bill Shand 109.0 1:53:10 1:43:49 5
6 3099 Molly 'O' Flying Fifteen John Foley 109.0 1:53:22 1:44:00 6
7 351 Charterworld Viper Sloop Jack Felsenthall 68.5 1:11:24 1:44:14 7
8 371 Zipadeedoodah 470 Andrew Sayle 101.0 1:46:19 1:45:15 8
9 1830 Still Bitten Mosquito Sloop + Spin Gary Maskiell 77.0 1:21:52 1:46:19 9
10 3931 Wow! Flying Fifteen Michael Clark 109.0 1:56:53 1:47:13 10
11 1406 Tenth Prime 29Er Jack Chapman 96.5 1:44:10 1:47:56 11
12 1790 Bee Alert Mosquito Cat + Spin Peter Nikitin 78.5 1:25:38 1:49:05 12
13 3035 Longnose Adams 13 Frank Nott 0.827 1:52:40 1:56:06 13
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Re: Mossie Sloop with Spinnaker. - 11/15/16 10:15 AM

Hi Gary.

Thanks for your sailing feedback. I'm sure pleased that you're willing to share your Knowledge with the rest of us.

Are you saying that the spinnaker was creating to much drag in the light stuff or some other conditions that were affecting your boat speed?
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Re: Mossie Sloop with Spinnaker. - 11/16/16 08:29 AM

Further conversation copied from Mossie Facebook site.

"Gary Maskiell" No it was actualy while both Tim (one up) and myself (2 up) where trapezing with spinnakers that Neil (2 up) dropped his behind us and caught up. Tim and I had both been blown below the layline, so extra distance travelled, occasional spinnaker flapping, drag from over sheeted spinnakers and drift sideways all counted against us. But in my case I was so busy fighting it and trying to catch Tim, that I didn't look around to see that Neil was doing it smarter.

"David Madden" Thanks. Interesting . As fast as the spinnaker can be, when it comes to vmg it would appear that the helmsman needs to apply some good judgement to get around the course as quick as possible. Maybe.

"Gary Maskiell" I think Spinnaker will allways win Windward Leeward course, but when you need to make a point tight reaching, you need to keep your mind open.

"Matt Stone" I remember eden regatta, when i was sailing neils boat with david and and neil sailing my boat
On reaches you couldnt catch us, but windward leeward we got passed by Gary Maskiell and mitch meade, neils boat no kite my boat that neil was on had kite
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