Mozzie "TOP" from ANU

Posted By: Tony Hastings

Mozzie "TOP" from ANU - 09/17/18 12:57 AM

Going to look at the Mosquito "TOP" at the ANU Sailing Club, Canberra, tomorrow (Tues 18/9/18) with a view to buying it.
Does anyone know this boat? Can you tell me its history?
Looking at the photos, it's likely I'll be seeking a 2nd-hand mainsail, preferably a modern mylar one in average condition. Does anyone have one they might sell?
Down the track I'll be interested in fitting a kite. Is the size shared with any other class, to look for a 2nd hand one? Is there a rigging guide for the kite?

FYI, some of you will remember me, from racing you on my Paper Tiger "Tigerdelic". I switched to NS14 / MG14 a couple of years ago, for closer racing with the Wallagoot fleet, and to provide a club junior a good crew spot. I sold hte PT because it wasn't getting used, and a junior up in Sydney was desperate for one. Now my crew has his own scow Moth, so am looking for a good single-handed boat. There will be one or two other Mosquitos at my club; don't know their sail numbers yet. All 3 of our boats will be old ply ones, bought cheap.
Posted By: Tony Hastings

Re: Mozzie "TOP" from ANU - 09/20/18 05:47 AM

Sail number 1221, ply hulls, Hobie rudders, dacron main and Michael Hunt Sails Townsville FNQ.
Posted By: Greg/Debra

Re: Mozzie "TOP" from ANU - 09/25/18 10:58 AM

Hi Tony,

Welcome to the swarm, and congratulations on buying TOP! Assuming you bought it that is... ( I see that it has been sold); if you didn't buy it, then please ignore the rest below....

This Forum was once a hive of activity, but these days hardly any of the Mossie sailors post here anymore, because they are all on the FB group page...

It is a closed group, but if you are a Mossie sailor, they will let you in.

I apologise on behalf of the swarm for not responding to your questions about TOP, but that would be because hardly anyone comes here any more, not because we don't want newcomers, we do!

The Mossies keep a register of all known boats, and 1221 is not currently on it, so it would be good to get it added.

Good luck with TOP, and if you need any help and advice, plenty is available.

Greg Lee.

PS Glad you bought TOP; I was trying to get my stepson interested in it, but he wouldn't buy it.
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