Homebuilt A-Class

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Homebuilt A-Class - 08/07/11 10:40 PM

I am trying to design my own A-Class in delft/free ship. I have been looking at pics of DNA's, LR4s, and the Predator design on the USACA website. I have uploaded some pics of my design, and would like if you guys could critique them, and give suggestions. I am looking for a boat that will compete at a regional, not national level, and I weigh around 210-220 lbs. I'm alos wondering about how much the materials will cost to build the 2 hulls. Using Carobn/Kevlar/ Foam I've come up with around $4000 so far.Thanks Here's some pics of the design, I can take more.
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Re: Homebuilt A-Class - 08/09/11 03:29 AM

It would be good to talk to someone like Peter Cogan, although designers may not want to give away too many pearls. If you are good with glass I have another option. My 2007 Flyer II (German Built) was damaged while on the trailer by a car crossing the center line. Damage to one hull, but if you are good with you hands you could bring it back to good a lot easier than building from scratch. Just north of Portland, Oregon.
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Re: Homebuilt A-Class - 08/09/11 05:10 AM

That Flyer sounds interesting, PM sent
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Re: Homebuilt A-Class - 08/12/11 05:01 PM

Carbon, foam and epoxy for one hull of mine is about $1,000.00
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Re: Homebuilt A-Class - 08/14/11 05:58 AM

Yeah, I was including 2 hulls + the frame templates, and estimating other materials. Thanks
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