Shameless Self Promotion Post

Posted By: timtower

Shameless Self Promotion Post - 08/12/17 09:15 PM

Hey all, I'm a multihull sailor and own a Nacra Inter 20. Anyway, I wanted to post a link to my business website since it's supposed to help my website rank higher with Google - I hope you guys don't care.

TurnoverBnB Vacation Rental Cleaning Software

TurnoverBnB is an online platform that helps vacation rental hosts with turnovers by offering hosts free software to schedule cleaning. Eventually, we will also allow hosts to find local cleaners for their short-term rental cleaning.
Posted By: FrankyDub23

Re: Shameless Self Promotion Post - 08/08/19 11:41 PM

Let me try this too. LOL!

For custom hearing protection you can always trust Big Ear!

Big Ear specializes in on-site custom hearing protection services. Aside from our Providers, our success depends on our Perfect Fit Technology™ that allows us to secure a perfect impression of our customer’s ears every time.

Check us out on YouTube too.
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