Bottom Paint New England

Posted By: Anonymous

Bottom Paint New England - 02/01/07 01:50 PM

What is the best bottom paint for a racing boat in New England?

Posted By: Clayton

Re: Bottom Paint New England - 02/05/07 02:10 PM

Is it dry sailed or wet sailed? Assuming wet sailed I use Micron CSC as I sometimes take the boat out for periods of time in which it doesn't affect the performance of the paint. Easier to check, clean, drop back into the water. Some paints do not allow for longer periods of time out of the water.


Posted By: Keith

Re: Bottom Paint New England - 02/06/07 03:47 PM

Check out the most recent issue of Practical Sailor. They had an update on their ongoing tests of bottom paints. In their tests they check out performance in different regions, New England being one of them.

Micron CSC is an ablative multi-season bottom paint that can remain effective with extended periods out of the water.
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