Gemini 105

Posted By: MauganN20

Gemini 105 - 10/17/02 12:01 AM


We're considering bareboat chartering a Gemini 105 out of Key West (can't remember the name of the company, but I will get it). I was just wondering what, if any, opinions you guys have on this boat. Also, we're a bunch of college students that aren't afraid of packing in the cabin or sleeping on the deck in good weather. How many people do you think could be REASONABLY accomodated with only a bit of discomfort.


Posted By: lnh

Re: Gemini 105 - 02/22/05 01:03 AM

the gemini is set up with 3 doubles and the saloon table converts to sleep 2 more. if you realy friendly with the gang you may be able to triple up in the master berth . the charter co. may have something to say about the total number on board.too crowded is nofun so plan ahead. tricat.
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