Multihull sailing courses?

Posted By: JPDAngelo

Multihull sailing courses? - 06/21/03 07:34 PM

Hi there I would be interested in finding a place that offers courses on multihull sailing/cruising.
Has anyone heard of a place in the tampa bay area?
Posted By: RickWhite

Sailing Seminar Scheduled in Seattle - 06/22/03 02:12 PM

We have a Rick White's Sailing Seminar scheduled for Seattle, WA in September on Corsair Trimarans.
The course is a 3-day clinic that has a lot of time on the water and also a lot of classroom work, and lots of video -- demonstrative and video of the students.
It is set in a racing format which may sound like a turn off to you, but let me rush to assure you, you will learn a lot more about sailing/cruising when you must push a boat to it maximum.
Most cruising sailors rely on their engines to get them out of trouble, instead of their sails. But, if the engine fails, so will that cruising sailor. And that could lead to loss of the boat.., and possibly loss of life.
Don't let the distance to Washington bother you.., cost of air fares are probably less than the cost of driving across the state of Florida.
At any rate, here is the address of Sailing Seminars:

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