F31 jib leads

Posted By: PTP

F31 jib leads - 10/04/08 07:26 PM

The sheeting angle for the jib on my boat seems to be too far forward.
Seems like the fairlead track could have been a foot longer or just
move the whole track aft by a foot. This is with a jib cut to the
specs on the f31 sailplan on
Anyone else have this issue or is it just me? I would like to be able
to move the block back so I can maybe depower a little in more wind.
As it is, there is too much leech tension to do this.
Posted By: jdaf31r

Re: F31 jib leads - 11/04/08 03:08 AM

Solution is simple, Add 6 in strap to Tack of sail.
Posted By: PTP

Re: F31 jib leads - 11/04/08 02:54 PM

Good thought. Problem is that the new jib wont allow that due to limitation of the height because of the roller furler top block. I could put a strap with a block on the fairlead so to raise the line up some. of course this is a little bit of a tripping risk although who is really walking right there anyway?

wait, just reread it... if I moved the jib up 6 inches it would just make the problem worse
Posted By: Luiz

Re: F31 jib leads - 11/12/08 02:38 PM

Originally Posted by PTP
...wait, just reread it... if I moved the jib up 6 inches it would just make the problem worse

Exactly. Try the opposite: can you somehow LOWER your foot attachment point? Maybe the problem is that your roller is too tall. Perhaps one of the new (thin) continuous rollers would solve the issue.

One different approach would work if your mast is too vertical and the boat is showing lee helm. In this case you could let the mast lean a couple additional degrees aft and solve both problems at once.

Posted By: PTP

Re: F31 jib leads - 11/12/08 04:15 PM

I think I might try to rake the mast a little more next season just to see how things go.

I can't lower the tack of the Jib anymore for the reason you state. Unfortunately I am not interested in dropping a lot of $$ for a new roller though I haven't looked at how much they cost. However, By next season I will have a new jib, new screecher, new tramps, new cushion covers though so I guess maybe I could find the $ in there for one of those. But the reason I will have all those things is because of my new hobby- sewing!
Posted By: Stewart

Re: F31 jib leads - 01/16/12 06:08 PM

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