Corsair Nationals

Posted By: Strategery

Corsair Nationals - 03/25/09 12:17 AM

So who is coming down to Pensacola in a few weeks for the Nationals?

Gas is cheap(er), the weather is perfect, and for those of you pinching pennies (sorry: ALL of us pinching pennies) the yacht club will allow tents and RV parking.

Who is on the fence, and what can Bert Rice do to get you over the hump? (Sorry for offering Bert, but I know you'll do what it takes).

All you Northern boats need to register before they jack up the price on you. The early registrant savings is like a free tank of gas, so you could almost get here free!

So...who's in?
Posted By: Timbo

Re: Corsair Nationals - 03/25/09 03:53 PM

Do you have a link to the registration or date and location? Thanks. I've always wanted to go crew there but getting enough time off, and a kitchen pass, is always a PITA.
Posted By: Strategery

Re: Corsair Nationals - 03/25/09 09:02 PM

Here's the NOR (above)

and the entry form (below)

If you are in the hunt for crew, post it here and we'll do what we can to find you good qualified racers (there are many here who have been shaped by Randy over the years).
Posted By: Timbo

Re: Corsair Nationals - 03/25/09 10:20 PM

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