Just saying Hi.

Posted By: Paulk

Just saying Hi. - 04/12/09 10:56 PM

Hi all,I recently found your forum and am happy to be able to join and thank you for the opportunity. I have just started to build my first F82 in foam and epoxy so am interested in being able to learn something from all subjects and eventually be able to give back.
Posted By: TEAMVMG

Re: Just saying Hi. - 04/13/09 05:49 PM


Exciting times for you!

where are you? i am south coast UK

Paul F32 #81
Posted By: Paulk

Re: Just saying Hi. - 04/13/09 08:57 PM

Hi TEAMVMG.......I am originally from Coventry and am now located 100 Km east of Lake Ontario on the St Lawrence River (Seaway) in Ontario.
Posted By: TEAMVMG

Re: Just saying Hi. - 04/13/09 09:30 PM

Sounds like a good move, near the water now anyhow!

Are you building at home?

My shoulders are hurting - have been sanding down the bottom of the main hull today. Running out of resin, run out of microlight, loads more filling still to do on the bottom before I can get it painted and rolled over again

All the best

Posted By: Paulk

Re: Just saying Hi. - 04/14/09 01:28 PM

Hi again Paul, I have to build my boat in my garage at home and as is not insulated or heated my building season is very short. I would love to rent a heated workshop but as yet is out of the question due to cost.
I am working on the floats first.....just removed them from the molds, and then will work on all the small "stuff" as I wont have to worry about storage.
Regards Paul.
Posted By: phill

Re: Just saying Hi. - 04/15/09 08:59 AM

Hi- you know what they say. If there are no pictures it didn't happen. If you get a chance take some pics.
I love pics.
I hope to start the floats of an 82 in around 6 months. I have the plans and all the foam to build the whole boat but want to work on some of the small components first.
Hope to hear more about your work.
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