Synthetic Shrouds/Stays

Posted By: thommerrill

Synthetic Shrouds/Stays - 03/08/12 05:08 PM

I installed Colligo shrouds/stays last year. They worked great for me but I have heard some other brands[some homemade] tend to shrink over the winter...I am curious if this occurs on beach cats [usually assembled and disassembled daily] as well??
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Re: Synthetic Shrouds/Stays - 03/08/12 11:02 PM

most people don't use the synthetic stays on beachcats because of the issue of having to retension them frequently (and it can take a while to get all the creep out). I think the synthetic stays do shrink a little bit over the winter when they are unloaded but it shouldn't be much. Franta at Colligo would have the answer as well. Most of the high tech line used (Dux or amsteel) will "creep" meaning it gets longer as the fibers "align" but then are pretty stable and but do, IMO, require some retensioning.
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Re: Synthetic Shrouds/Stays - 03/09/12 03:13 PM

Thanks, that was the point of discussion...the constant tuning that a beachcat [Tornado] would require would be just another hassle. Actually, with his boat the forestay tension is lowered when adjusting the jib downhaul but you need a starting point. I think he may get a set and see how much hassle it turns out to be???

I measured my shrouds last November and this measurable differences.
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Re: Synthetic Shrouds/Stays - 03/11/12 12:54 AM

Despite what people have decided about using synthetic shrouds on beach cats, I have synthetic shrouds ready to use for my blade with really cute small precourt fittings so I can tension the rig really easily. Sort of an impulse buy about 2 yrs ago. I have never put them on but will this summer when I have my f16 in Michigan.
Posted By: joeyg

Re: Synthetic Shrouds/Stays - 03/14/12 12:17 AM

We recently put synthetics on the Sprint MK I and have raced one regatta with them and they are absolutely awesome! Only downside is having to loosen and tighten the rig whenever we fold the boat.
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