Hull ventilation

Posted By: TEH

Hull ventilation - 02/27/09 03:15 PM

I recall a post some time back that suggested an "L" shaped peice of PVC or the like that screwed into the inspection port to allow you to ventilate the hull. You could cover the opening with a screen to keep out the critters. I've searched but can't find it. Can anyone direct me to that post or tell me what the tube is called and where I can get one?
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Re: Hull ventilation - 02/27/09 03:40 PM

think it was phill who had an arrangement that you are referring to. he will most likely be able to provide a pic easily, otherwise not too much to it, porthole cover with an l-tube through it
Posted By: self_inflicted

Re: Hull ventilation - 02/27/09 07:30 PM

When we had the ply taipans,We would use a 6" muffin fans??
(they are used in the back of computers or the old style printer boxs)
We would put them across the top of the inspection ports and then remove the front hatches, This woud give vetalation through the hull.
I have used them without removing the front hatches it seems to work but not as good as getting the ventalation through the whole hull
Hope this helps
Posted By: Karl_Brogger

Re: Hull ventilation - 02/28/09 12:21 AM

Unless its raining I trailer my boat home with both covers on both hulls off. Its usually pretty dry by the time I get home.
Posted By: TEH

Re: Hull ventilation - 03/01/09 12:33 PM

Thanks for your replys. If anyone can post a picture, that would be great.
Posted By: Tornado

Re: Hull ventilation - 03/26/09 10:57 PM

On the T, the inspection port hatch covers have a tiny hole drilled in each...this is to let air pressure equalize when the hull is placed in the water (typically colder than the air inside). No appreicable water gets in via the pin holes.

I leave the hatches off the boat while storing ashore to assist hull drying. My yard cover keeps rain out.
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