G-Cat 16

Posted By: dave mosley

G-Cat 16 - 04/28/11 01:46 AM

I have owned a 16 in the past and have the oppurtunity to have another given to me. I have read the box rule and it seems to fit, but I remember Hans built a carbon one but for some reason it did not conform.
Does anyone remember the reasons?
Before I sink any time or money into this thing for F16 purposes, please advise.
Its a free boat and I have access to some carbon tubes/mast and some A cat sails, so in theory a cheap F16 that will probably be a dog, but at least my sons could have fun on it if nothing else.
Thanks guys!
BTW Congrats on the fleet at SF!
Posted By: Jalani

Re: G-Cat 16 - 04/28/11 07:19 AM

As far as I can recall Dave, the boat that Hans sent to the GC did conform - it didn't PERform! Flashes of speed but had some breakages. I'm sure others who were there can explain.

Great opportunity to get another F16 on the water - go for it!
Posted By: dave mosley

Re: G-Cat 16 - 04/29/11 01:29 AM

I dont think the performance is going to match, but you are right, an oppurtunity to get on the water with my son, cant beat that. Thanks for the reply!
Ps I sailed a Gcat 16 with Sq top way over the rating back in the day....maybe I can get this one going too, you never know
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