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rules - 08/11/11 12:00 PM

Anyone following the rules discussion on the main page?
Posted By: Timbo

Re: rules - 08/11/11 02:48 PM

Only makes my head hurt.

There was a time, a very long time ago, when I was about 19-23, when I actually read the rule book and knew the rules.

But then, in an effort to "Simplify" the rules, USSA changed them, and I lost interest. Getting married, having kids, etc. took most of my sailing and rule book study time away too.

After the start, I want clear air, and just try to stay away from other boats and when in doubt give the other guy the benefit of the doubt and let him cross. Oh, and never hit anyone, no matter who's in the right. That usually works for me.

The thing I agree with most in that discussion was the statement somebody made; Why do we have a bloated rule book that changes every 4 years in the first place, when all we really need is about 5 basic "Right of Way" type rules that should be easily understood by all.

Who was it that said, "Simplicity is Genius"? What we have today is the opposite of simplicity. The rule book is so full of; If's, And's, or But's and appeals, as to make it almost useless, look no further than that discussion on the open forum to see what I mean.

So I try to get a good start in clear air, go the right direction up the first beat, and stay out of traffic at the marks. I only go out there to have fun, not to get into a pizzing contest over who luffed who, when, why, etc. When it becomes a screaming match at every mark rounding, with red flags flying, I'm out. Luckily in our local fleet racing it has not come to that...yet.

Life's too short to deal with all that nonsense on your days off. Sailboat racing is supposed to be Recreation, and Recreation is supposed to be fun, right? So when it's not fun, it's not recreation, so it's work.

Now, the guys we are talking about, the guys in the VX 40 or AC 45 racing, that's their Day JOB, they are not out there for fun, they are out there to Work. So let them decide who was in the right/wrong. I could care less. If it were me, I would have made sure I was either going to cross him by pinching or tacked, or ducked him cleanly, and if I had fkd it up (like they did) and hit him, accidently, I would pay for his repairs.

But they will be paying lawyers to deal with their problems. Not my idea of fun.
Posted By: Matt M

Re: rules - 08/11/11 03:37 PM

A huge rule book is not the issue. Most sports if you get their book have as many if not more pages with explanations etc.

Sailing is difficult to understand and having rules where the outcome is a judgment call makes this worse for the GP. You step out of bounds, you get hit in the head; all obvious infractions. Having something that is up to a jury as a judgment call moves sailing towards the same category as the judged sports of gymnastics or figure skating. Here is where I feel there could be improvement in the rules.

For now we have what we have and as weekend warriors we just follow the basic do not hit anyone. There are only a few out there who are known for regularly abusing this, so knowing your competition really helps to plan maneuvers and tactics.
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Re: rules - 08/12/11 12:16 PM

I was looking at the AC45s and noticed they have a net off the rear of the tramp.

I was thinking about adding one just to throw my gear on, but also might add a water bag for ballast. Is that legal?

Posted By: Timbo

Re: rules - 08/12/11 04:20 PM

I think adding weight is allowed...except out on the wire perhaps, as in a backpack or camelback? "moveable ballast" comes to mind and that is prohibited.

BTW, that rear beam net on the AC boats is for their "daily spectator" to ride in, that would be a fun spot to observe from!
Posted By: pgp

Re: rules - 08/12/11 04:42 PM

There's a short clip of four of the crew back there (don't remember which boat) with the boat standing on it's nose. If I find it I'll post it.
Posted By: Matt M

Re: rules - 08/12/11 04:59 PM

Somebody with a rule book could verify, but..
I believe there is a prohibition to race with moveable ballast. I know you cannot have it on your person.
Posted By: tback

Re: rules - 08/13/11 10:53 PM

Originally Posted by Matt M
Somebody with a rule book could verify, but..
I believe there is a prohibition to race with moveable ballast. I know you cannot have it on your person.

Am I violating a rule if I Piss (removing ballast) whilst on the trapeze?
Posted By: John Williams

Re: rules - 08/14/11 06:44 AM

Not if you have a witness who can verify you did it out of fear or anger.
Posted By: Timbo

Re: rules - 08/14/11 01:51 PM

I like that if they "accidently" lose a crew overboard, they don't have to go back and get him!! Too funny! I think we should all be doing this on every downwind finish. I know JW's Crew Union won't allow it...but think of the fun we could have!

I can hear it now in the next light air race; "Hey Fatty, trip over the spin sheet will ya?? For Fook sakes, we need to lighten up! Get that spin up, hand me the sheet and get overboard already...and hurry! Oh, and when you get to the crash boat, get me a beer, I'll pick you up after I finish..."
Posted By: Stewart

Re: rules - 08/16/11 01:17 PM

skiffies in the old days did that Timbo.
Posted By: Kris Hathaway

Re: rules - 08/16/11 01:47 PM

Originally Posted by Stewart
skiffies in the old days did that Timbo.
LOL...tactical MOB! On of the few times the skipper gets to elbow the crew overboard....on purpose.
Posted By: Timbo

Re: rules - 08/16/11 06:18 PM

That's a conversation I'd love to hear on the last beat:

OK, Who's turn it to get wet??

Hurry, get that kite up and Jump!

And don't forget my BEER!!

You slackers...

I'm still tying to get a SYD trip to be down there on a Sunday, to watch the 18's out in the harbor. It's supposed to be quite a show when it's blowing.
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