Wing mast trim

Posted By: jbecker

Wing mast trim - 07/21/14 01:38 PM

I recently moved from an old Tiger to a less old Viper. I've heard setting the rotation on the "wing mast" type of mast can have a significant effect on performance. Any tips on how to find the ideal mast rotation settings upwind/downwind?
Posted By: dr5e14w

Re: Wing mast trim - 07/21/14 10:50 PM

See the link below for basic upwind and down wind information for the viper.
Posted By: Anonymous

Re: Wing mast trim - 07/21/14 11:03 PM

More reading here. This one includes theory not just numbers.
Posted By: jbecker

Re: Wing mast trim - 07/22/14 02:25 AM

Good references. Thanks!
Posted By: rehmbo

Re: Wing mast trim - 07/22/14 01:55 PM

If you're feeling especially geeky, check this one:

Or this one written by the same guy - a bit more readable: here

BTW - Mr. Speers knows his stuff. I'll let you Google him.
Posted By: jbecker

Re: Wing mast trim - 07/22/14 10:33 PM

I'm totally geeky all the time. cool Thanks for the Tom Speer links.
Posted By: Mpls_Nacra

Re: Wing mast trim - 07/29/14 05:00 PM

This is a great work sheet. Any one have this for the Nacra F16?

Posted By: RG7351

Re: Wing mast trim - 07/31/14 02:35 AM

Dave, here you go:

I have found that the Nacra F16 is sensitive to setup, especially upwind. But maybe this is true of all the F16s? I'm only starting to figure out my new boat..
Posted By: felixshmak

Re: Wing mast trim - 08/26/14 05:32 PM


Personally, I think the Linstaedt trim sheet value on the diamond tension is far too tight though. I am using 25 on PT1 gauge for around 10 knots of wind for 2 up (28 on PT1 for 1 up)
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