CABB shirts

Posted By: rquesada

CABB shirts - 05/18/05 03:01 PM

Am I imagining things or someone was going to look into making a CABB shirt for the members.

Also, re. fun day what happened; I am wondering if anyone thought in doing a mini cruise in protected waters with overnight camping; that would be fun; what do you guys think


Posted By: Robi

Re: CABB shirts - 05/18/05 03:47 PM

Well whoever is going to make the T-Shirts should contact me. Reason is I have the CABB new logo design in a vector format.

As far as the fun day goes. It was Erics idea, and I volunteered to help him out. But I am sure other things have popped up so the idea faded away in the wind.

Me personally I am recovering from a small surgery and I am unable to sail until Mid June. But I am willing to help with anything that I can.
Posted By: Robi

Re: CABB shirts - 05/18/05 06:05 PM

here is the graphic
[Linked Image]

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Posted By: Mary

Re: CABB shirts - 05/18/05 07:06 PM

That's beautiful, but I have two criticisms of it.

1. CABB is an acronym, so I don't like the periods between the letters.

2. I don't like the full name, below, being off center.
Posted By: Robi

Re: CABB shirts - 05/18/05 09:02 PM

If I were to center the bottom name, it will NOT flow with it.

It must be off-center in order for it flow properly, if it is centered it does not look good.
Posted By: SOMA

Re: CABB shirts - 05/18/05 10:19 PM

I don't know if this is open for discussion or if it's already set. But I think the logo should have some visual reference to catamarans. or sails at least. If you were to take off the words at the bottom you would not know if CABB was a sailing club or a soccer team. It's almost hard to resist the urge to make a sail out of the "A".
Robi, If you want to kick some ideas around let me know.
Posted By: Robi

Re: CABB shirts - 05/18/05 11:45 PM

Hey Fred, I am always open for suggestions. As Mary mentioned the periods, those can get dropped easy. The name, I think it would be best to leave it spelled out on the bottom where it is.

As far as making a sail out of the A, that is an awesome idea. Now to find something that resembles it. Do you have anything? I am kinda busy with other designs and decals, that I think I will not get to it any time soon, but if you can find something I can use. I will definatley fit into my schedule.
Posted By: rquesada

Re: CABB shirts - 05/24/05 02:01 AM

Thanks, the logo looks very nice but I agree w/Mary that it should not have periods in between the letters.

I, like Fred, think also that the shirts should have some sort of visual reference to catamaran sailing.

Anyway, you must be saying this is Monday morning quaterbacking and you are right ! it is very difficult to come out with a logo and it takes a lot of creativity to do it so I thank you for it.


Posted By: arbo06

Re: CABB shirts - 05/25/05 12:58 AM

My Sister is in the uniform business,,,,,????
Posted By: SOMA

Re: CABB shirts - 05/26/05 07:27 PM

OK, Here is something that I thought of this morning. Its in rough form still, but just for opinions.

Attached picture 50230-cabb white-1.jpg
Posted By: Robi

Re: CABB shirts - 05/26/05 08:37 PM

OH Fred, you were talking about changing the entire graphic?!!?

Decals have already been made and given out. A banner was built. This is going to be a tough call. Maybe John McKnight can chime in.
Posted By: SOMA

Re: CABB shirts - 05/27/05 01:17 AM

No Way. If the things have already been made it's obviously pointless. Maybe a future T-shirt.
Posted By: John McKnight

Re: CABB shirts - 05/27/05 02:54 PM

I don't know that the logo on the T-shirts would necessarily have to be the same as on the banner and decals. I think we could explore other suggestions. The obvious advantage in using Wilder's design is that it is done and ready to go.
Posted By: SOMA

Re: CABB shirts - 05/27/05 03:56 PM

Well let me know if you would like me to further develop this option. I think it would make a pretty cool T-shirt. I've attached the same design but with some color added. (all lines are rough, This is just a quick concept sketch, for discussion). Let me know what you think. Maybe we can send it to CABB members for comments? The T-shirt I see as white. I don't know who could print it. Eric, does your sister's co. do screen printing? Robi, Do you?, or do you have a source? I know there are a bunch of companies out there that do it so finding a source is not a major issue.

Let me know your opinions, good or bad!

Attached picture 50257-cabb colors-1.jpg
Posted By: Robi

Re: CABB shirts - 05/27/05 05:40 PM

How about a square top sail on that boat! LOL j/k

I like the sketch, I am not diggin the red on blue though. It kinda throws it off and hard to read. I like your first design with the CABB to the top left of the cirlce.

I do not do t-shirt, and I do not have a source either. John told me he has a good friend in the T shirt business, so I dont think it would be hard to do either. The design is pretty simple too, which is a very good thing. LESS IS MORE! always good in graphic design.

It would be simple to do in decals as well. But that would have to be for maybe next year. I know John may stiull have a few CABB decals laying around.

Maybe intergrating both designs into one? hmm, ill see what I can whip up and see what it looks like.
Posted By: RickWhite

Re: CABB shirts - 05/28/05 12:22 PM

We already have a great t-shirt guy.., John Sherry. He is a cat guy, and is the one that does all the shirts for Tradewinds, Steeplechase, etc. He is also the guy that designed the "I'd rather be sailing" t shirt where the guy is trapped out on a car flying its wheels.
Posted By: SOMA

Re: CABB shirts - 05/29/05 12:23 AM

The colors came about from the colors of the water (blue) and the race flags or buoys(orange/red). They do vibrate a little together. I see your point. Also, more colors means more screens, and likely more money. It depends on the process used.

I also think that around the circle we could write "Catamaran Association of Biscayne Bay" and even maybe geographical coordinates.

Sure, we could combine ideas. This would make it relate more to the stickers and banners. It would make sense.

So... lets wait for more opinions on the design to move forward.

Members...Chime In!!!

PS. John better have some extra stickers left over! I just sent in my membership dues!
Posted By: rquesada

Re: CABB shirts - 05/31/05 02:47 AM

Hi guys; I like Fred's design for a shirt; the "CABB" acronym by itslef does not say much.

Thanks / Rafael
Posted By: Mary

Re: CABB shirts - 05/31/05 07:34 PM

From what John McKnight has already said on this thread and what he has e-mailed to me, he wants to encourage any and all ideas for a logo and for a shirt design for CABB. This is separate and apart from the decals that have already been made.

The logo and the shirt design may or may not include the graphic that Robi already came up with.

So feel free to bring out all your creativity and suggest ideas, just as Fred has done. John McKnight won't be back on line until next week; but when he returns, he will be very happy if he sees lots of ideas here.
Posted By: SOMA

Re: CABB shirts - 06/02/05 12:04 PM

I'll come up with a couple of alternatives (as time permits), since it doesn't look like I'll be getting my jib for this weekend's race
Posted By: Robi

Re: CABB shirts - 06/02/05 01:07 PM

Are you going to be there Fred?
Posted By: SOMA

Re: CABB shirts - 06/02/05 01:40 PM

Well, I already get my butt kicked with two working sails. Minus the jib, I might as well be going backwards! I'm not sure. If I can get a jib, (and my wife) in that same place at the same time, then I might be there. I hate to miss this race. Why do you ask? To discuss the logo? If so, I don't need a jib for that
Posted By: Robi

Re: CABB shirts - 06/02/05 04:01 PM

Nah just wonderings, cause we have chatting plenty here on the forums, but I have never met you. I am planning on being there, not as early as I would wish because my crew does not get out of work from Opalocka until 8am give or take.
Posted By: arbo06

Re: CABB shirts - 06/02/05 11:41 PM

Do you know what Opalocka means?
Posted By: Robi

Re: CABB shirts - 06/02/05 11:48 PM

actually no I dont, I thought it was the cities name.

What does it mean then?
Posted By: BobG

Re: CABB shirts "Opa Locka" - 06/03/05 02:26 AM

Ok here goes! Opatishawaukalocka is the original long form , a Seminole word "opilwa",swamp, and "Lako" means big. There's a cypress hammock nearby .The community was started by Glen Curtiss aviation pioneer and James Bright. Curtiss selected the name Opa Locka during the 20's land boom because the original buildings were very like a film he had seen called the Arabian Nights. And thats the truth!
Posted By: arbo06

Re: CABB shirts "Opa Locka" - 06/03/05 11:11 PM

Good try Bob... But what it really means is "Lock your doors ***hole"
Posted By: BobG

Re: CABB shirts "Opa Locka" - 06/04/05 02:12 AM

Ok, ok you got me! During the "Great Depression".The only way to make a living was to work in the Pygmy Marmosett slaughter house. At the end of day the pelts were collected and put in a basket called an "Opa",if the basket was full that was known as a "Locka". A lot of beer was drunk and everyone forgot how hot it was.
Posted By: Mary

Re: CABB shirts "Opa Locka" - 06/04/05 11:52 AM

The official explanation of the name from the city's web site:

Although the name of the city - Opa-locka - sounds Arabic, it is a contraction of the native Americans' name for the area, "Opa-tisha-woka-locka", meaning a dry place in the swamp with trees. Obviously this would not readily fit on a letterhead and be rather difficult to remember. Hence it was shortened to Opa-locka.
Posted By: BobG

Re: CABB shirts "Opa Locka" - 06/09/05 01:52 AM

I thought Coral Gables tranlates into lock your doors ***hole!
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