[size:20pt]Notice of Race

[size:17pt]The Great Texas Catamaran Race

300 miles of Extreme Sailing at its best.

South Padre Island to Galveston, Texas

Wednesday, June 17 to Saturday,
June 20, 2009 Father’s Day Weekend[/size]

Description: The Great Texas Catamaran Race is an off-shore beach catamaran race along the Texas Coast. Starting in South Padre Island and finishing in Galveston, the race will cover approximately 300 miles along the Texas coast over the Father’s Day weekend. The race will be conducted in four stages with each stage starting and ending on the beach!

Race Schedule:
Tuesday June 16, South Padre Island
• Boat Inspections, Opening ceremony, rules review, and starting position draw

Wednesday June 17, South Padre Island to Mustang Island (91 nm)
• 9:00am Skippers Meeting, 9:50 am White Flag – ETA approximately 6 pm

Thursday June 18, Mustang Island to Matagorda Island (91 nm)
• 9:00am Skippers Meeting, 9:50 am White Flag – ETA approximately 6 pm

Friday June 19, Matagorda Island to Surfside Beach (50 nm)
• 9:00am Skippers Meeting, 9:50 am White Flag – ETA approximately 3:30 pm

Saturday June 20, Surfside Beach to Galveston (40 nm)
• 8:00am Skippers Meeting, 9:50 am White Flag – ETA approximately 3 pm Awards at 7pm

Rules: The regatta shall be governed by: the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) Racing Rules (RRS 2009-2012); the individual class rules of the classes sailing (except as any are altered by the Rules and Conditions of Entry); the Notice of Race and by the Rules and Conditions of Entry.

The race is restricted to production beach catamarans between 18-22 feet in length with a maximum 12’ foot beam (no wings allowed). In addition, due to the distances the boats will be required to carry a spinnaker. US Sailing base rating numbers will be used for handicapping the boats. Awards will be based upon total handicapped time. Only one set of sails will be allowed during the race except for replacement due to significant damage, with approval of the Principal Race Officer.

Warning: This race is to be conducted on small craft on the open ocean. Severe weather, accidents or equipment failure could lead to potentially dangerous or lethal situations. These risks are compounded by the remote ocean areas encountered on this race. In addition, no support boats will be provided to aid sailors in need of help. Therefore, sailors must understand the significant risks associated with this event and only participate if they accept these risks. Safety equipment including VHF, GPS, flashlight, satellite phone or EPIRB, and safety lines will be required to participate in the event. All equipment will be checked at the boat inspection on June 10 and may be randomly checked during the course of the race.

However, it is the sailors sole responsibility to determine whether to participate in any portion of this event based on his/her own ability, and understanding of potential weather and sea conditions. As a condition of entry, sailors will be required to sign a release.

Registration: Only experienced sailing teams will be allowed to participate in the race due to the potential danger. (Sailors may be required to submit a sailing resume to prove experience.) Registration covers race fees only. Fees as listed below:

Registration $325: due by May 1, 2009.
Late registration: $425: after May 1, 2009.

Registration and release forms can be found on the race page at GT300.com.

Make checks payable to The Great Texas Fleet

ATT Mike Rohrer
2505 Little Elm Trail
Cedar Park, TX 78613

More information at GT300.com [/size]