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Pease Glaser is currently 38-years old at the time of the Sydney Olympics 2000. She is from Long Beach, California and has been a member of the United States Sailint Team from 1985-1998 and is a member in 2000. She is also a member of the Alamitos Bay & Newport Harbor Yacht Clubs.

Pease graduated from the Taft School in 1979 and Brown University in 1983 with a degree in A.B. Mechanical Engineering.

For Glaser, who won the 470 Women's (doublehanded dinghy) division of the 2000 U.S. Olympic Team Trials - Yachting with skipper JJ Isler, victory was especially sweet. As the longest consecutive member of the US Sailing Team (13 years), she had launched three previous Olympic campaigns -- as a 470 and Tornado skipper. "I guess it pays to persevere," said Glaser at the conclusion of the Trials.

Although Glaser and Isler have been sailing the 470 together only two short years, they each bring a wealth of experience to the table. Glaser, the 1986 Goodwill Games 470 Women's Silver Medalist, has three national doublehanded titles to her credit and is also a three-time North American Champion in the Tornado class.

Her campaign in the Tornado had spanned two quadrenniums ('92, '96). In the class noted as the fastest Olympic boat, she made her mark as the only woman skippering in any of the four open classes sailed in the Olympics (the others being the Laser, Star and Soling). Her crew in the Tornado was '84 Tornado Olympic Silver Medalist and husband Jay Glaser. Along with sailing together, the duo both worked for Ullman Sails (Newport Beach, Calif.), the sail loft where Jay is also part owner.

After the Glaser's '92 Olympic campaign they promised to "give up the sailing thing to do the real life thing." Tacking back, the duo announced in late '93 their campaign for the '96 Olympics. Their Tornado campaigns were always carried off with a notable sense of humor. She was quoted as saying their most important rule was, "having an even temperament at all times -- since we're always together, when things get tense, we go from polite to being terse." Their approach to the financial aspect of an Olympic campaign, the undoing of many Olympic hopefuls, was to "work a lot of hours when not traveling and don't spend money on anything else." Their numerous boats carried the names Pease's Diamond, Starter Home and Beach House.

Race results, which included a first at the '94 Tornado North Americans and a second at the '94 Tornado Nationals, ranked the duo at the top of the Tornado class for several years. Ultimately, however, the Glasers bid to compete as husband and wife at the '96 Games was undone by a fourth-place finish at the '96 Team Trials.

For a couple who categorize their most positive experience as meeting each other at the 1986 Goodwill Games in Tallinn, Estonia (they were married February 17, 1990), Pease's impending trip to Sydney's Games provides another fitting tribute to their union. Jay has vowed, since he already has his Olympic medal, to do all he can to help Pease get hers.

Pease and Jay Glaser

Pease & Jay Glaser

Tornado North American Champion ('90, '91, '94)
U.S. Women's Doublehanded Champion ('84, '85, '93)
1986 Goodwill Games, Estonia (470 Womens Silver Medalist)

Kiel Week, Germany (8th/36 470 Women)
European Championship, Italy (7th/37 470 Women)
470 World Championships, Hungary (11th/57 470 Women)
Hyeres Week, France (13th/36 470 Women))
Sydney International Regatta, Australia (5th/32 470 Women)
470 Women Olympic Team Trials, St. Petersburg, FL (1st/7 boats)
470 European Champs, Croatia (7th/52 boats)
Tuborg Spring Cup, Denmark (5th/20 470 Women)
SPA, Holland (14th/45 470 Women)
470 National Championship, Houston, TX (11th/32 boats)
French Olympic Week, Hyeres (10th/49 470 Women)
Miami OCR (3rd/5 470s)
470 Women's World Championship, Melbourne, Australia (14th/30 boats -- gold fleet)
Australian 470 Women's Championships, Sydney, Australia (7th/26 boats)
Sydney International Regatta, Australia (14th/36 470 women)
Santa Maria Cup Women's Match Racing Championship, Annapolis, MD (2nd/9 teams)
Miami OCR (7th/29 470s--3rd women)

Pease Glaser and Cindy

Key West Race Week, Florida (1st/50 Melges 24s)
LA NOOD, Los Angeles, CA (1st/25 Melges 24s)
Trimble Race Week, Long Beach, CA (1st/30 Melges 24s)
Tornado Olympic Yachting Trials, Savannah (4th/17 boats)
Tornado North Americans, Miami (6th/28 boats)
Tornado World Champs, Australia (17th/68 boats)
Tornado Worlds, Kingston, Canada (20th/78 boats)
US SAILING's Olympic Pre-Trials, Savannah (2nd/27 Tornados)
Tornado North Americans, Hamilton, Bermuda (1st/19 boats)
Tornado Nationals, (2nd/22 boats)
Tornado Olympic Trials, Marina del Rey, CA (5th/18 boats)

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