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Hall of Famer - Rick White

Oddly enough Rick and another of the Hall of Fame inductees are related. White (60 years old) is the son-in-law of Bill Wells (87 years old). White claims he learned everything about racing boats from his father-in-law. But, Wells modestly denies it, saying, "I didn't teach him anything."

White is the publisher/editor of Catamaran Sailor Magazine, webmaster of www.catsailor.com, operates www.OnLineMarineStore.com, Rick White's Sailing Seminars, House-in-the-Woods lodging and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce, The Crews' Nest, Bass Islands Antique Auto Owners Club, Skip Duggan Antique Car Club, Upper Keys Sailing Club and Put-in-Bay Yacht Club.

Rick White, Dave Sullivan and Phil Berman

Rick White, Dave Sullivan and Phil Berman

White has won over 200 championships, including Worlds, Nationals, North Americans, Mideasterns, Midwesterns, Southeasterns, Cup of Miami, the Schenley Cup and numerous State championships in such boats as Sharks, Lasers, JY15s, Tornados, Hobies, MacGregor 36s, F-27s, F-28s, F25Cs, F31 and F-24s.

Rick and Mary Wells (wife), taken when they lived in Vail, Colorado. This was a promo picture taken for his new single release and album. His band was Rick White and the Sweetwater Junction -- they produced over 10 singles and had a charted hit in the late 70s.

Mary Wells and Rick White

He was formerly multihull editor for Sailboat Week, correspondent for Yachting, Sailing World, and Soundings, is presently a columnist/contributor for Multihulls Magazine, and publisher/executive editor for Catamaran Sailor. White has written five books on racing, the most recent, Catamaran Racing For the 90's, was released in the spring of 1992. Then in 1995, he released a new book Sailing Drills: How to sail Better, Faster, Smarter, Safer, a compilation of drills to improve sailboat handling abilities. The rights to the same book were given to Fernhurst Books of the United Kingdom, who published it under a different title, Race Training. This book is not only for multihulls, but for monohulls and boardsailors as well. He has just completed the textbook that is the Official American Sailing Association Guide to Cruising and Bareboat Chartering, Multihull Cruising Fundamentals. White has a series of teaching videos based on these seminars and books for multihulls and for monohulls, i.e., Laser, Sunfish, etal.

He now has five of his training videos all in one DVD, and has a training video for dinghies, i.e., Lasers, Sunfish, etc.

Now living in the Florida Keys and in Put-in-Bay, Ohio, White still races competitively but is spending most of his time putting on seminars to help others get faster and to promote the sport of one-design sailing. He has helped train a number of Olympic Medalists and hopefuls.

White was a musician and entertained all around the country. He started out in folk music and switched to Country Rock in the early 70s

Here are some of his songs he wrote and recorded in Nashville:

Here are some songs he wrote and recorded on his album "Follows the Sun" recorded in the early 70s in Chicago:

On that same album, here are songs he sang of other artists:

The lead guitar player from Rick's band was Jim Callery, and the Bass was Steve Bee. Jim ran across some old tapes and somehow extracted an appearance as a warmup band at the Opera House in Vail, Colorado. Here the Rick White Show, with the Sweetwater Junction Band and special star, Diane Pace perform.


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