Wayne Schafer

Hall of Famer - Wayne Schafer

Wayne Schafer, silver-haired but still as trim as a teenager, still races and still wins against skippers twenty and thirty years his junior.

Wayne was one of the early birds that hit the catamaran scene. Although he started sailing in 1951 on a Rhodes 32, he was quickly converted to speed and fun when he started sailing on a 16-foot Outrigger (another form of multihull). He then started sailing a P-Cat which was part of the west coast's largest fleet of catamarans in the 60's.

It was in 1968 that he got into a Hobie 14 and then a Hobie 16 in 1971. He went on to win two Hobie 14 National Championships, he came in 2nd in the Hobie 14 Worlds, 2nd in the Hobie 16 Nationals, he was 1st two times in the Hobie 16 Southern California Divisionals, he retired the Ancient Mariner Series trophy at Newport Beach after winning it three times, and won the McCullock Trophy for best all-around sailor in a Hobie 16 at Lake Havasu in 1971.

When asked why he races he told the story about how they used to use the Hobie 14 to surf and while sitting around waiting for the big one (wave), they would race down to a buoy and back on the Hobie.

He has also moved into the Hobie 18 and Hobie 20 classes and has done exceptionally well overall. He is always consistent. But most important, Wayne is always trying to help other sailors. He constantly is giving clinics on the beach to help people with boat trim, tactics or whatever. He considers himself a "seat-of-the-pants" sailor and credits his racing success to "a lot of time on the boat."

Wayne's home waters are off Capistrano Beach, California.

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