Sailing Drills

How to Sail Better, Faster, Smarter, Safer.

From the drill book used byRick White's Sailing Seminars

Here is what the experts in the sailing world are saying:

"Rick White has virtually dissected sailing into individual skills. Using time-tested, on-the-water drills he has provided this book to elevate any sailors proficiency. I used these drills daily while preparing for my Silver-Medal-winning '92 Olympic campaign. Now, (as a coach) I've introduced the '96 Olympic Team hopefuls to Rick's methodology."
Randy Smyth, Two-time Olympic Silver Medalist

"Sailing Drills will be an invaluable asset and THE tool in the library of any coach, sailing instructor, or anyone looking to improve boat-handling skills."
Greg Fisher, North America/National Champion in Lightning, Flying Scot, Thistle and Highlander

"This book finally compiles under one cover most of the drills used by coaches around the world. It summarizes neatly most of the work required in sailing to get the boat to behave the way you want. This book is the best way, the fastest way, to improve break it into pieces and repeat the pieces over and over. As a professional coach, working for years with my own notebook full of drills and ideas, it is very nice to finally have a printed version, not only for my own use, but one that I can leave with my sailors to work with when I - and my notebook - are not around."
Jim Young, Head Coach, Swiss Olympic Sailing Team

"When the musician asked the hippie, 'How do I get to Carnegie Hall,' the answer was 'Practice, man, practice!' The same reply holds for the question, 'How do I become a better sailor?' 'Sailing Drills' lets Conductor White's baton lead his students no matter how far away they might be."
Eric Sharp, National Sports Writer

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