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Wave North Americans at Bay Week

Patrick Green Ekes Out Still Another Major Championship

Aug 5-8, 2010

Photos by Dave Gillman
For 125 years, the I-LYA Bay Week Regatta has been annually held on Lake Erie at Put-in-Bay Yacht Club in Put-in-Bay, Ohio, and has been the largest fresh-water regatta in the world for most of the years.
But in recent years attendance for the big boats had been flagging. So, concerned sailors got together and recreated the event using broad strokes to create a brand new face. And it worked.., the regatta was a total success.
Helping in the cause was the International Wave Class Assn. who used the venue for the Annual Wave Class North American Championships. Needless to say the Waves were the largest class at the regatta, bring competitors from all around the USA, many traveling as much as 2600 miles for the fun and adventure.
However, someone forgot to toss a quarter in the water before the regatta, a practice over the years that any PRO in his right mind does, just to buy a bit of wind to keep the sailor’s happy. Local resident and Wave sailor, Rick White said, “We have darned good wind at Bay for the last 20 years. While Ohio is a light air area, we have always been lucky!”
But, the fleet was not so lucky this year. On the first day, the fleet obediently launched and headed out to the sailing area. Drifting along, some of the boats finally arrived at the RC Boat almost two hours later. Many had not.

With two problems facing the Race Committee – very light if any wind, and a broken down mark boat, and the backup mark boat overheating – they decided to abandon for the day. And wouldn’t you know it! There was good wind for the fleet to sail home, making it back to port in about 20 minutes.

To make matters worse, the next was even worse and the fleet was held at the club with a postponement most of the day, and finally an abandonment.
Many of the Wave folks, having driven a long way and wanting to sail, borrowed the local fleet marks and went out and got in some practice racing nonetheless, all unofficial, of course. Still, they were able to burn off a bit of their anxiety and anticipation.
The RC changed the schedule for the last day of racing so there would be an early start. And finally there was excellent wind of around 15-18 mph, and nice surfing seas.

The Races
Past National and North American Champion, Patrick Green jumped off to a good series by taking a bullet in the first race, followed closely by Dave White. Taking 3rd place after just winning his first major regatta, Skip Kaub, followed in by local Steve Abbey and then Leah White.
On the second race Steve Abbey was really honking on the way to a bullet, with Dave White again settling for second place, and Green in third. After two races Dave White and Patrick Green were tied with four points, with Abbey only one point behind.

Another past National and North American Champ, Jack Woehrle became the spoiler and took the line honors for the third race. Skip Kaub took 2nd place and Green fell into 3rd. Abbey and Dave White took 5th and 6th and slipped in the standings a bit.
Going into the final race and with no throwouts, Green had 7 points, and Dave White and Steve Abbey both had 10 points.

These three were al l very aggressive on what was a Starboard-Favored Line and there was a three-way collision. This left Skip Kaub to break free and win the last race. Local Ray Matuszak took second place, Green managed to get back up to 3rd place and finished just ahead of Upstate New York sailor, Mimi Appel.

When it was all over, Patrick Green had pulled off another Major Championship, followed by Steve Abbey, Skip Kaub, Ray Matuszak, Dave White, Mimi Appel, Jack Woehrle, Stan Woodruff, Betty Bliss and Mark Scarpelli in the top ten

1. Patrick Green 10
2. Steve Abbey 15
3. Skip Kaub 18
4. Ray Matuszak 19
5. Dave White 24
6. Mimi Appel 27
7. Jack Woehrle 28
8. Stan Woodruff 37
9. Betty Bliss 39
10. Mark Scarpelli 41
11. John Sherry 51
12. Rick White 52
13. Jack Wolfe 55
14. Doug Seib 58
15. Bruce Powers 59
16. Leah White 61
17. Barbie Beckford 65
18. Doug Waugh 65
19. Sharon Woodruff 70
20. Dick Bliss 70
21. Megan Shelton 75
22. Michelle Harman 82
23. Jason Cooper 90

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