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Catamaran Sailor Magazine's

2008 Triple Crown Championship of Distance Racing for Beach Cats

[Miami-KL Info] [Hogsbreath-Keys 100] [Mug Race]


  • Apr 12 -- The Miami-Key Largo Race, (45 miles: Miami to Key Largo) Miami YC, Miami, FL 305-377-9877
  • Apr 26-27 -- The Hogsbreath-Keys 100 (100 miles: Key Largo to Key West), Hogsbreath Saloon/Beer, Calvert Sails, Catamaran Sailor Magazine, &, 305-664-8056,
  • May 3 -- The Mug Race, 48 miles: Palatka to Jacksonville), Jacksonville Rudder Club, Jacksonville, FL 904-264-4094


This is an automatic sequence of events that have been ongoing for years. Both the Miami-Key Largo Race and the Mug Race have been around for decades. The new kid on the block of events is the Hogsbreath-Keys 100, now entering its 7th year.

The natural flow of the events takes you from Miami to Key Largo on one weekend, then from Key Largo to Key West on the next weekend, and then back up to Jacksonville (great if you are from the north and heading home with your boat).

It all starts in Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida. From there you go south in winds that are usually a double-trap reach to the mouth of Jewfish Creek in Key Largo, FL. The distance is around 45 miles.

Miami Yacht Club sponsors the event and puts one a huge bash at the end of the day.

Key Largo has numerous hotel/motel locations at fairly reasonable prices. Also, there are a number of places you can leave your boat, go back home to work, and then return in time to race the second part of the series -- the Hogsbreath-Keys 100.

The Hogsbreath-Keys 100 is a 2-day event, starting on the Bay Side of Key Largo, FL and finishing on the Ocean Side of Marathon at Sombrero Beach on the first day. There will be a big party and dinner on Saturday Night. The race commences on Sunday AM and finishes at Smathers Beach in Key West, FL. Both legs are usually sleigh rides in the steady Tradewinds of around 10-15 + mph. Awards thereafter at the Hogsbreath Saloon in Key West.

The Mug Race begins in Palatka, Florida and is around 48 miles down the St. Johns River to the home of the Sponsoring Club, The Jacksonville Rudder Club, in Jacksonville, FL. Winds can be heavy and fluky or light and fluky, but one thing you can count on is they will be fluky -- great for you lake sailors. Not to be outdone, the Rudder Club puts on a big party with lots of food and drinks.


Triple Crown Championship Rules/Information/Sailing Instructions:

  • For beach catamarans 22' or smaller.
  • Rating System will be based on US Sailing Portsmouth DPN numbers, although modifications for weight and for distance spinnaker/reacher will not be used, and Triple Crown management may modify those numbers and apply its own DPN number which may be used for the subsequent races.
  • In order to qualify for the Triple Crown, the same boat must be used; and the same skipper and crew must be on the boat for all three events: The Miami-Key Largo Race, The Hogsbreath-Keys 100, and The Mug Race.

Miami-Key Largo Information:

Combine an "old west gold rush" and I-95 at rush hour with hundreds of boats of all shapes and sizes and you have the 44th Annual Miami to Key Largo Sailing Regatta! Trim your sails and point your bows for this "rites of spring" tradition, as the Miami Yacht Club kicks off this fun and exciting sailing race on Saturday April 23rdth, 8AM Sharp!

This is the regatta that is literally for everyone! If you've never raced before or if your're a seasoned "old salt" now's the time to shake your sails out and clean your bottom. Any sailboat 14 feet or larger is welcome. Whether you sail a production boat or an experimental craft, there is a class and competition for everyone. Bill Roberts holds the race record set in 1990 in a custom-built RC-27 of his own design. Race time, one hour and 44 minutes! That's a 26-knot average over the 43-mile course. To average 26 knots, you have to sail over 30 knots most of the time!

Over 250 boats uisually enter for one of the largest single race starts in South Florida! Last year's field included over 1,000 crew members including Sailing Champions "going for the gold" to families, kids and even the family pet. The race begins just south of Rickenbacker Causeway at 8AM and ends at the north mouth of Jewfish Creek. You can sail any course you like. Short cuts through Midnight Pass are legal but not suggested unless you'd like to test your luck in 1/2-foot of water and fluky winds.

Once in Key Largo, there will be a food fair at the Gilbert's Family Paradise Island at the Jewfish Creek Bridge with a cash bar, live band, party and raffle.

The Awards Cermony will be held the following Friday, April 29th, at the Miami YC starting at 6PM with a BBQ and live band with the Awards Presentation at 7:30 PM. Trophies are three deep in each class.

SKIPPERS MEETING IS THURSDAY, APRIL 10th AT 7 PM at the Miami YC., 1001 MacArthur Causeway, Miami, FL 33132

FOR MORE INFORMATION call Miami YC at 305-377-9877 during business hours Tuesday through Saturday. Entry forms can be picked up at the Miami YC.

Hogsbreath-Keys 100 Rules/Information/Sailing Instructions
For registration You can now register on line then print out the form and fax (305-453-0255) or mail to:
Rick White
PO Box 2060, Key Largo, FL 33037,
You will still need to attend the Skipper's Meeting/Beer Bust and do final registration Friday, pay the fees, sign the waivers, etc., Apr 29, 6-9PM at Rick White's and Mary Wells' house in Key Largo, FL. Directions: Going south on US1 (about MM105), take a right at second street past Winn-Dixie (Paradise Ln.) and we are the 2nd house on the right (corner house -- park on street) around the corner


  • There are no chase boats, so please be prepared to fend for yourself.
  • ¨You will be rewarded for assisting a boat in trouble (keep track of your time in doing so).
  • ¨You may paddle at anytime. Boats with auxiliary power may use their engines to safely navigate a difficult channel, but it may not serve to better your position.
  • There will be a beer party and registration between 6PM and 9PM and a skippers meeting at 9PM on Friday night at Rick’s home (see directions above). Feel free to ask questions of veteran sailors about the course.


  • To attempt this race, you must be competent, able sailors, knowing how to do such things as:
    • Right your own boat for beach cats
    • Read navigational charts
    • Read the water color for shoals
    • Anchor your boat in case of a peril of any kind
    • Ride out squalls and storms
    • All sailors must wear an approved PFD, and all boats must have PFDs on their boat, have all USCG safety equipment aboard, a waterproof chart, waterproof flashlight, legal lighting, and adequate anchor and line.
    • Suggested equipment: EPIRB, waterproof VHF Radio, waterproof GPS, a cell phone in waterproof bag, a whistle and/or strobe attached to your PFD.
    • ¨Both skipper and crews must write the emergency telephone number on their arm (waterproof pens will be available) -- 305-451-3287(Rick's Home) or 305-619-1922(Rick's Cell)) -- these are telephones that will be manned all the time. If you are retiring from the race or broken down, you must call this number right away. Otherwise, we might be sending the USCG after you. Should no one answer, there is a message machine where you can leave a message.
    • Don't forget to take essentials like water, sunblock, and food



  • Plan on leaving the beach in Blackwater Sound on Saturday no later than 0800 sharp! Keep in mind that First Warning Sound will be at 0950. Ground crews should help not only your own boat into the water, but others as well. If we all pitch in and help get the boats to the water, it will take only minutes to get all the boats on their merry way. If you do not make it to the rendevouz area on time to get a tow with the group, you are on your own.


  • On the first day, the course starts between two small groups of orange marks located near ICW Flashing Red mark #54 in Buttonwood Sound. The course goes southwesterly down the ICW, exiting to Hawk Channel through the Channel 5 Bridge. There are no marks on the course. The Finish for the first day will be announced at Skipper Meeting on Friday Night.
  • There will be another Skipper’s Meeting, Keg Party, and DinnerBanquet on Saturday Evening.
  • On the second day, the multihulls’ warning flag will be at 0850. From there the course goes WSW down Hawk’s Channel to finish at Key West. There are no required marks from Marathon to Key West either. The Finish Line in Key West will be announced at the Skippers Meeting. WARNING: Boats should make sure they get either a flag or horn as they cross the line.


  • The White (Yellow) Warning Flag will go up at 10 minutes prior to the start, the Blue Preparatory Flag will go up at 5 minutes, and the Red Start Flag will go up for the start. All flags will be lowered 1 minute prior to the raising of the next. For convenience only, the starter person will attempt to get your attention by blowing a horn or whistle several times in succession, or use a bullhorn siren, prior to starting the sequence.
  • Do NOT be over early at the start!!
  • If anyone is over early, the individual recall flag will be flown for four minutes or until the over-early boats have exonerated themselves by restarting, whichever comes first. Over-early boats will NOT be notified. If a boat is over early and does not re-start, that boat will be assessed a 10% time penalty for the day. If there is a general recall, the general recall flag will be flown, the clock will continue to run, and the fleet will restart exactly five minutes later.


  • US Sailing D-PN numbers and mandatory modifications will apply for the entire race, and all sails and modifications must be claimed by registration time on Friday evening. The modified D-PN number will apply regardless of whether or not the additional sails and rigging are carried on the boat. Modifications for crew weight and for distance race use of spinnaker/reachers will not be used.

    Motels in Key Largo:

  • -Neptunes Hideaway, 104180 Overseas Highway, Key Largo, FL 33037 (305) 451 0357
  • Kelly's Motel, 104220 Overseas Hwy, Key Largo, FL 33037 (305)451 1622
  • -Family Paradise Island Resort, (Possible boat storage between events), 107000 Overseas Hwy. Key Largo, Fl 33037 (305) 451 1133
  • -Amoray Dive Resort, 104240 Overseas Highway, Key Largo, FL 33037 (305) 451 3595

    Other Key Largo Launch Sites:

  • Gilberts Family Paradise Island Resort
  • Rowells Marina

    First Stop: Saturday Night

    The party is at Sombrero Resort and they are giving us discount rates even in high season, so call early for room reservations 305-743-2250 (WARNING: They usually are running the 7-mile bridge run on the same weekend so rooms are going to be hard to get. Call early for reservations.)

    There are Motels & Marinas at first stop:

  • Anchor Light Motel... Mile Marker 53... (305) 743-7397
  • Blue Water’s Resort... Mile Marker 48.5... (305) 743-4832
  • Banana Bay... 4590 Overseas Highway... (305) 743-3500
  • Gulf View Motel... Mile Marker 58.5... (305) 743-8629
  • Hampton Inn... (305) 743-9009
  • Hidden Harbor... Mile Marker 48.5... (305) 743-5376
  • Hopp-Inn Guest House... 500 Sombrero Beach Road... (305) 743-4993
  • Overseas Motel... Mile Marker 49... (305) 743-6843
  • Sand Piper Motel... Mile Marker 48.6... (305) 743-2244
  • Sea Dell Motel... Mile Marker 50... (305) 743-5161
  • Sea Shell Resort... Mile Marker 57.5... (305) 289-0265
  • Seahorse... 7196 Overseas Highway... (305) 743-6571
  • Seascape... 1075 E 75th Street Ocean... (305) 743-6455
  • Siesta Motel... 7425 Overseas Highway... (305) 743-5671
  • Wellesley Inn... Mile Marker 54... (305) 743-8550
  • White Sands... 57622 Overseas Highway... (305) 743-5285
  • Yardarm Motel... 6200 Overseas Highway... (305) 743-2541
  • There is good anchorage for larger boats in Boot Key Harbor.
  • Sombrero Resort (305-743-2250),
  • Faro Blanco Oceanside (305-743-9018)
  • Camping at Knights Key Park and Marina (has ramp) (800 348-4343)

    Beach cats can be wheeled out on East end of the beach at Sombrero Beach. The space that we are allowed to use is l imited to the East side of the beach. We ask that the first boats in pulol up as far as possible and park as tight and tidy as possible. "BOATS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE SWIMMING AREA." The county is very strict on this, and breaking this rule could prevent future use of this location (the only feasible location for this event).The beach will be guarded.

    Motel at Key West

  • *South Wind, Simonton St 296 2215
  • *Harbor Side, Eisenhower Blvd, 294 2180
  • *Spindrft, Simonton, 296 3432
  • *South Beach, Duval St., 296 5611
  • *Hampton Inn., Roosevelt 294 2917
  • *Sheraton, Roosevelt , 292 9800
  • *Key-Wester, Roosevelt, 296 5671
  • *Econolodge, Roosevelt,294 5511
  • *Ramada, Roosevelt, 295 5541
  • *Best Western Roosevelt, 296 3500Parts,

    Equipment and Gear:

  • Calvert Sails -- has line, sail repairs, sail numbers, etc 305-664-8056
  • West Marine is located in the Pink Plaza just past Marvin Adams Waterway Cut. They are open 0800 to 2000 every day, except Sunday, and then from 0900 to 1700.


  • Calvert Sails
  • Hogsbreath Saloon/Beer in Key West
  • Catamaran Sailor Magazine

Annual Mug Race Rules/Information/Sailing Instructions (Soon to be posted)

Eligibility and Entry

  • Boats with mast heights under 44 only are eligible
  • Entrants will be divided into the following categories
    • Multihulls
      • One-design classes (a min of 5 boats)
      • Open (Portsmouth scoring)
        1. spinnaker
        2. non-spinnaker

Schedule of Events:

  • Friday, May 2
    • Late Registration, Holiday Inn, Palatka 1600-1730, 1800-2200
    • Mandatory Check in, Holiday Inn 1800-2200
  • Saturday, May 3
    • Skipper meeting at Riverfront Amphitheater 0730
    • Warning Signal for start of first fleet, (multihulls) 0850


  • Start at line north of Palatka Bridge and sail north to mark "A" located west side of river approximately 1/4 mile south of Buckman bridge. Round mark to starboard and proceeed to finish line located east side of river approximately 1/4 mile south of Buckman Bridge.

Advance Registration

Racing area

  • The racing area will be in the St Johns River as depicted on NOAA Chart 11492 between the Palatka Bridge to the south and the Buckman Bridge to teh north.

For Further Information

Chuck Youngerman
Rudder Club of Jacksonville, Inc.
8533 Malaga Ave
Orange Park, FL 32073
904-264-4094 (Rudder Club)

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