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We receive some really great email:

I just wanted to thank you for running such an effective sailing seminar last week. I still have a lot to learn but I now feel ‘comfortable’ with the Inter 18. To be honest, I had some ‘Demons’ haunting me about sailing this boat, and by the end of the week the demons were gone. I could not have done it without your guidance. As I reflect on the week, I never would I have envisioned sailing in a crowd and tacking/jibing on command. I never thought I would sail with my eyes closed or when standing (I actually found the drills to be exciting and informative). I now plan to practice those drills on a regular basis. Heck, before last week, I had not crewed since 1987---I had a blast crewing for Bruce and I sure learned a lot during the process.

Trish and I plan to take another one of your seminars in the future. What I do not understand is why more local fleets do not host your seminars---perhaps they all feel that there is nothing left to learn. I am going to try to see if there is interest in the Austin area for one of your seminars. Alternatively, Trish and I will drive back to Key Largo in a few years. I heard a speech by Coach K. of the Duke Blue Demons (this will relate to your seminar). He spoke of coaching the Olympic basketball team and having Michael Jordan seeking help from Coach K. on improving his ‘game’. It impressed Coach K. that someone of MJ’s stature was still looking for instruction on improving his game. My point is simple; if Michael Jordan can ask for guidance to improve his game, why cannot more ‘A fleet’ sailor admit that they could benefit from one of your seminars?

I plan on posting something on the Open Forum concerning how much I learned in the seminar and what a great group of people attended. I hope you will not mind. It is my belief that there are many sailors out there like Trish and me (desperately needing coaching but not knowing where to turn). It would be my hope that those individuals would follow our lead and take one of your seminars. To be honest, it was rewarding just being with sailors like Kate, Kathy, Chip and Barb, Bruce, Howard and finally Kim, Al, Linda, Marco and Eugene. After Monday, I was ready to quit, but something would not let me walk away. I sure the hell am glad I did not leave.

Again, thank you and I hope to see you and Mary again. I will never forget this experience.




I have to thank you. I attended your Spray Beach N.J. seminar this past May (1999) and I have only raced in two regattas. But I have really improved. I used the drills that I learned from you to help train my Special Olympic Athletes. Every one of them won a medal. The first day was the divisional races to sort out the crews by skill level. We ran two races that day and I placed 2nd and 4th out of 45 boats! My typical finish is in the bottom third. Not any more. I was so thrilled after the second race. Unfortunately my crew informed me that we need to do something about that fourth place finish. Ignorance can be bliss, but it can also be very demanding. He viewed 4th out of 45 as needing improvement. To me it meant I finally can compete.

My second regatta was a Hobie Regatta where I sailed in B Fleet on my Hobie 16. I have been sailing B Fleet for the last 3 years and my best finish ever was a fourth out of seven boats. I am used to finishing in the bottom third, praying not to be DFL. Well this time I finished second. I was one point away out of first. I was sailing against many of the people who I was used to finishing behind. To me this was incredible. I have never sailed so well before. It was a light air regatta. The winds for most of the races were between 5 and 8 mph. I weigh 235 by myself and my crew weighs 145. Remember we were on a Hobie 16 in light air.

To make it even sweeter I was sailing the event with a 16 year old Special Olympian. It was truly a special moment for me. Thank you so much for all that you were able to pass on to me. In those drills on the water it may have seemed like nothing was sinking in while you were pointing out what I was doing wrong. I guess enough of it sunk in.

Thanks Rick.

Joe Kudrewicz

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