P.O. Box 2060, Key Largo, FL 33037
TEL 305-451-3287  FAX 305-453-0255
E-Mail rick@catsailor.com



If for some reason you cannot bring your own Laser or Sunfish, contact Kurt Taulbee 866-SAILFIT cell is 727-631-7025, email is <meka@sailfit.com> for chartering. Kurt's website is at http://www.sailfit.com


There are a very few available in the area from private owners, so please try to arrange for your boat to come to a seminar. If for some reason that is not possible, contact Rick or Mary at 305-451-3287, fax 305-453-0255 or email rick@catsailor.com. There are plenty of Hobie Waves for Charter. Contact Barb Short at barb@the-helm.com.

In many cases we may have person coming alone that needs a boat, and at the same time we may have another that is bringing a boat and needs a crew. We try to match those up and get two people on one boat. Then for the drills, both sailors switch positions every other drill (by the way, this is a great experience for those skippers that have never crewed -- they suddenly realize how much the crew has to do and begin to appreciate the hazards of that position on the boat.). Please see the FAQs on matching up people. Keep in mind, we cannot start matching anyone up unless you are registered.

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