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Here is all about Sanctioning of events:

Draft Event Sanction (For Chapters or other Event Organizers)
NAMSA Event Endorsement Guidelines

RACING: To sanction events that promote and provide one-design class racing for all multihull classes that have enough boats for a fleet, as well as open, Portsmouth class racing, and Formula racing, to make enjoyable, competitive racing accessible to as many sailors as possible on as many different types of boats as possible. This is not a mandate; it is a goal.

FUN EVENTS: To sanction fun, recreational, and cruising events.

INSTRUCTION: To sanction clinics and seminars.

* Event Organizers will get the benefit of low cost Liability Insurance for each event.
* Regattas which meet the sanctioning criteria established below shall be permitted to use the "NAMSA" logo when advertising the event.
* Events will be listed as "NAMSA Sanctioned Events" in the Schedule of Events in Catamaran Sailor Magazine
* NOR Flyers may be posted in Catamaran Sailor Magazine at discounted rates.
* Pre-race advertising in Catamaran Sailor Magazine at discounted rates.
* Post-race coverage in NAMSA News and/or Catamaran Sailor Magazine
* Tips and suggestions on how to run a quality regatta, i.e., Suggested NORs, Sis, Race Course, Scoring Software, RC Equipment, etc.

* The event organizer must be a Chapter Member of NAMSA.
* May have liability insurance through NAMSA, plus any additional insurance that may be required locally for the specific event site.
* May abide by any applicable sailing rules, racing rules, navigation rules, and/or government regulations that may apply to the specific event.

* NAMSA insurance will cover personal injury or property damage related lawsuits brought against NAMSA, club members, employees, volunteers, event organizers, directors and the club/chapter. The cost is $50 per year.
*** If Additional Insured is required, there is an additional fee of $100 per year.
*** If the Event Organizer owns or leases the property of the event, the Event Organizer may need to acquire additional insurance.
* Each sailor must sign a release of liability in order to participate in any NAMSA event before the event starts. In that release each sailor must agree to be responsible for any and all damage caused to any person, boat or personal property as a result of racing activities both on shore and on the water.

Buoy Racing or Distance Racing Events: (These are suggestions only – to make a better event)
* For NOR, it is suggested that the 2001-2004 Racing Rules of Sailing, Appendix J, Notice of Race be used.
* For Sailing Instructions, it is suggested that the 2001-2004 Racing Rules of Sailing, Appendix K, Sailing Instructions be used.
* Scoring: Event Organizer may use any scoring system they desire. It is suggested that Sailwave (Freeware) be the scoring software of NAMSA sanctioned events.

Notice of Special Meeting (Posted Feb.3, 2004 at 0900)
Bylaws amendments, Discussion and Vote of Membership
Setting up Regions
Dues and Catamaran Sailor Magazine

Also for discussion:
Regions (We can already do this according to the bylaws)
-Discuss nominating regional leaders (i.e., Chairperson? What title, Sec. Treas, etc.)
-Discuss regional structure?
-Division lines?
-Points Series?
Newsletter in Catsailor:
-Needs news from each regional, so need regional contributors
-Need Newletters Editor
Handicap Rating Chairperson needed.
Other matters of importance

We will be setting up a Live Chat Area for this meeting. We will post that information as it becomes available on this Forum.

Rick White, President