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International Wave Class Association Meeting Minutes


Meeting was called to order by Rick White. Rick stated that the purpose of the meeting was to form a class association for Waves.

Agenda was read by Kathy Kulkoski as listed below:

A. Name of the class association: International Wave Class Association. Passed by attendees.

B. Objectives: Passed by attendees.

1. To provide a medium for the exchange of information among Wave sailors and to enhance the enjoyment of these sailboats.

2. To promote and develop Wave class racing under uniform rules.

3. To encourage and foster the enjoyment of the sporting and recreational aspects of sailing.

4. To maintain the one design characteristics of the Wave sailboat.

5. To gain and maintain the International Status of the Wave class.

C. Jurisdiction: The International Wave Class Association shall coordinate the activities of the Wave class. Its powers shall be vested in and carried out by the officers that are representing the Wave class, all subject to and in accordance with the general rules and regulations of US Sailing and the IYRU. Passed by attendees.

D. Officers elected:

1. President: Rick White.

2. Information Officer: Mike Fahle.

3. Secretary: vacant.

4. Treasurer: Jack Hildreth.

5. US Sailing Liaison: Art Stevens (not in attendance).

6. Rules: chair/secretary Bob Curry; measurer Dan Kulkoski, event coordinator/certifier vacant.

7. 2002 Nominating Committee: Kathy Clark; other positions vacant.

E. Bylaws/Class Rules: developed by the officers; will be published to the web ( at the beginning of 2001; all paid members will vote on these early in 2001.

F. Membership: $10.

G. Final Note: Rick is currently hosting the official web site ( for the class (for least for now); please check there in a couple of weeks to see preliminary bylaws; preliminary class rules; and officer e-mail addresses so that you can send in your comments.