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Schedules for 2014 (More may be added when schedules are complete):

And for 2015

Wave National Championship Series and Rankings Underway

At the Nationals in 2001 the Wave Class approved a move to set up a schedule of regattas to make up a National Championship Series and National Ranking System. Also, at each Nationals we will have an award for "Skipper of the Year for Open, Women, Youth & Masters."

The Rules
*Points are accumulated with high-point scoring system. In any given regatta, your score would be based on the number of boats you beat, plus one. For example, if you attended a regatta with 22 boats and you won, your score for that regatta would be 22.
* The Nationals and North Americans will count as two separate races. Thus if you were 30th and there were 70 boats, you would accumulate two races at once and your score for each regatta would be 40.
* Your score will be based on your best 5 regattas for the year.
* You must actually attend at least two events (attending a Nationals or North Americans is one event, even though the scoring is for two events)
* If you do not attend five regattas, then you will receive a "0" for the regattas that you did not make. For example, if you made only 4 regattas, your fifth regatta will be scored a zero (the number of boats you beat.)
* Scoring of boats will be based on boats registered.

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