Head Start Seminars

If you are looking for something interesting and educational for your division, fleet, organization or club to do during the winter before you can get back on the water, Rick White is available to bring you an informative and fun evening, day or weekend of chalktalks, lectures and videos.

These lecture seminars cover:

This seminar will benefit everyone and anyone:

You will learn virtually everything that is covered in the standard race-training seminar put on by Rick White's Sailing Seminars -- and for just a fraction of the price.

Rick White wrote the first-ever book on catamaran racing back in the mid-1970's and has since written two more. The most recent, "Catamaran Racing: for the 90s," was released last year and is the most complete and current book on the market. The most recent book is a compilation of his famous sailing course Sailing Drills: How to sail Better, Faster, Smarter, Safer.

In the spring of 1989 he founded Rick White's Sailing Seminars, the only complete race-training program for catarmarans in the United States. He and wife Mary Wells have conducted as many as 10-15 on-water seminars a year in various parts of the country at the request of local clubs and fleets and racing divisions.

Although he is an expert racer in his own right, with over 180 championships to his name, Rick has found that his knowledge has grown dramatically as a result of the past five years of teaching hundreds of students how to become more successful racers and better sailors.

In addition, his on-water seminars feature guest experts such as Randy Smyth, Carlton Tucker, Bob Curry, Jay Glaser, Enrique Figueroa, Hobie Alter, Jr., Alan Egusa, and Olympic Coach Jim Young. He has acquired a pool of knowledge from all of these winning sailors -- and he can bring this knowledge to YOU.

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In January and February and March are you overdosed on winter and suffering a combination of withdrawal and anticipation pangs about sailing? You know it's going to happen, so call "Dr. Rick" now to schedule a head-start seminar for your fleet or club to get you over the hump of winter blues and excited about the upcoming sailing season.

Shut winter outside and get a head-start on summer. Bring race-training guru Rick White to your fleet or club during winter or early spring to give you a complete refresher course in what you need to know to be successful on the race course.

Rick will bring his marker board, magnetic boats, and videos and give you a full day packed with information to get you psyched for the new sailing season.

Cost to your group is only $45 a person for this leap in your learning curve.

Rick White is the founder and director of Rick White's Sailing Seminars, which he started in 1989 to provide training primarily for adult sailors. His on-water seminars are legendary and have almost 2,000 graduates in a variety of classes of boats, including catamarans, Lasers, Sunfish, E-Scows, and Corsair and Dragonfly trimarans.

In the Head-Start Seminar, you will get all the verbal and technical information that is imparted during his water-orientedseminars -- the only thing missing will be the water.

All he needs is a host fleet or club or person to get it organized and publicize it in your area and a place that will seat at least 30 people -- or however many more you think will be attending.

He'll leave you laughing with our infamous tape of on-water seminar bloopers.

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