I always need crew! Especially one who knows how to sail!

If you get the itch to get on a small cat again, you're always welcome on my Blade. Particularly if you wouldn't mind doing some on water coaching!

BTW- I heard the next Alter Cup is on H16s with spinaker. The youth team at the last AC told me the spin doesn't make the boat appreciably faster, but it does yield a better downwind angle.

Sorry for the hijack. <img src="http://www.catsailor.com/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> [/quote]
You are really forcing me to expose my ignorance here. I race a Hobie 17 in Ontario and New York State in the summer and since Hobie events switched to be exclusive to Hobies only, I am not very familiar with other types of Beach cats, however, if you were to venture to Sarasota Sailing Squadron on days that I was home, Paul and I could take you on the Corsair or if you preferred, you could educate us regarding your Blade.

I'll need to give your comment about a Hobie 16 "not being faster downwind with a spinnaker, but yeilding a better downwind angle", some thought, as initially it doesn't make sense to me. i.e. If you just point a Hobie 16 deeper downwind, it goes slower. So how is the downwind angle better with a spinnaker. What is better about it if its not any faster? The only spinnaker experience I have ever had is with the Corsair and it is certainly faster with the spinnaker.

Kathryn Garlick Evolution, 28R, #185