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Question about tiller extension uv joint
by Dermot. 11/29/19 04:16 PM
2020, The Year of The Cat
by cyberspeed. 11/26/19 09:47 PM
F16 Effect Crew Weight Solo and 2 Up
by 11devil11. 11/21/19 07:30 AM
Supercat 17s closest competitor?
by Will_R. 11/19/19 11:01 AM
New England 100 2019: 30th Anniversary!!!
by Timbo. 11/18/19 02:45 PM
Question about tiller extension uv joint
by almoniyot / 11/27/19 10:07 PM

I am in the process of building my own rudder/tiller and picked up one of these Allen tiller extension universal joints. Allen tiller extension uv joint

The thing is, it seems much too rigid to me. It is quite difficult to bend. How am I going to stop my tiller extension from pointing upward towards the sky?
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Supercat 17s closest competitor?
by DaleYoung / 11/18/19 01:00 AM

I can't wait to get my Supercat 17s ready for this upcoming season. Never sailed a cat before. Currently restoring 2. What cat would you say would be most similar to the Supercat 17 speed-wise? How does it compare to a Hobie 16 or 18?
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2020, The Year of The Cat
by dave mosley / 11/13/19 04:11 PM

I want to challenge you guys to make this coming year one that brings back the old cat sailors, brings in the new ones, and gets monoslug sailors on a cat. This is a challenge to CRAM, CABB, NEMSA, CRAW, and all the other fleets represented here from the SEACATS to try something different, market the heck out of your cat regattas, involve the other fleets in your sailing clubs or areas to reciprocate help with their regattas.
I'm finishing my term as Commodore of a primarily dinghy and monohull club and I have seen the benefits of aggressive marketing and outside of the box ideas to get sailing going again. 2 weekends ago we held a regatta that 4 years ago had 49 registered boats, this year 152, this stuff works, and as I attempted to turn my club into a catamaran club(not really), I saw ideas that worked and resources used to bolster participation. This year as I have more time to devote to the cat scene I'm going to try to get our cat fleet revitalized using similar ideas, but Im looking for input on how to capture newbies and old sailors who have left the sport.

I'm open for suggestions from fleets who are thriving, and looking forward to get something going early spring. So far my idea is to have "Cat Revival Regatta" late March, early April here in Columbia SC. This would be a 4 day event with a seminar, a "green fleet", and lots of camping, good food, and comraderie.

Please share any ideas, and challenge your fleets to get cats back on the scene at your clubs and in your areas!

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NASCA 5.5 covers, where to buy?
by Jsoderbe / 10/05/19 08:16 AM

Hi, this is my first post so I an not sure this is the right sub-forum; I have an older Nasca 5.5 F17 cat. It is a great little boat, super fast and fun to sail!

I really need a nice snug cover for the winter storage. Could anyone point me to where I can buy these?


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Endurance Series Update
by cyberspeed / 09/20/19 07:08 PM

[Linked Image]

Sail Series Promotions (SSP) has achieved their goal of helping bring back the Worrell 1000. With that goal achieved, they decided to close out the corporation and disperse funds to other 501c3 charities for youth sailing programs.

The Endurance Series combined some of Florida’s premiere distance races to help promote the sport. The series ran from 2004 to 2015. The Endurance Series participants and winners have been some of the top distance sailors in the country and include Worrell 1000, Tybee 500 and Olympic sailors.

Now that the SSP is no longer organizing the Florida 300, Steeplechase and Hiram's Haul, there is a big hole in distance racing. Local sailors stepped up and will be running Hiram's Haul on November 16-17. The Endurance Series organizer, Craig Van Eaton, is considering bringing back the Endurance Series to help fill the hole.

With the Worrell 1000 being brought back, it is more important now than ever to provide proving grounds for sailors to hone their skills on their “Road to 1000.” The goal of the Endurance Series is not to bring back the Florida 300 but to ensure current races are supported and possibly expand to more unique and challenging races to the Bahamas and Cuba.

The Endurance Series is looking for partners to help promote and rebuild distance racing. In order to move forward with new projects, someone with “Race Official" training will be necessary.

The Worrell 1000 is boosting interest in distance catamaran racing and now is a great time to rebuild this very unique sport.

Endurance Series Website >>>
Endurance Series Facebook >>>
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Worrell 1000
by jjs1989 / 09/14/19 06:53 PM


My name is Jared Sonnenklar

I’m putting a team together for Worrell 2021.

I have acquired mast up storage here in KW and plan to do some training runs here to MIA

I am looking for someone to join the team. I have not been sailing competitively for the last few years and so do not have a regular partner.

Ideally we can spend some time training in the months ahead.

About me, I have a fair amount of distance experience completing servers partner 500s and the Great Texas 300.

I look forward to speaking with anyone interested.

You can contact me at or 9542352537

Thank you!
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when your having fun, get in trouble, and a fellow sailor decides to help :D
by dmcd38 / 08/21/19 08:50 PM

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Sail selection for DIY inflatable sailing catamaran
by almoniyot / 08/16/19 11:15 AM

Crossposting this from the inflatable forum which seems a bit moribund...

I am in the process of building my own inflatable sailing catamaran. It will have 4.5 meter long pontoons (50cm diameter), and the beam will be about 2.3 meters. The mast will be about 5.8 meters high, and will have a profile for sail rope.

I need to order a mainsail. I think something 7.5-8.0 square meters. I really like the cut of the sails of the Happy Cat and the Minicat 420/460. Does anyone have any idea on the luff/leech/foot of these sails? I know they have at least 4 horizontal battens. Looks like Happy Cat has some kind of boom sewn into the sleeve of the sail. Interesting approach, as I am also going for simplicity and ease of assembly.

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‘81 SC17 trampoline track fix?
by tyronewarriner / 08/14/19 03:05 AM

Hello all,

The trampoline on my ‘81 SC17 started to come away (out) from the track a couple weeks back, and no matter how many times I slide it back in or try to thicken the luff with tape it comes out. Any Suggestions??

Pics to follow.
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New England 100 2019: 30th Anniversary!!!
by brucat / 08/11/19 04:28 AM

Well, today came and went very quickly...

9 boats entered, 6 on the starting line, 2 late but within the 20-minute window, and one boat that showed up after we launched (sailed the course on their own as the DNS boat).

After a late launch, and a bit of trouble getting the anchor to bite on the signal boat, we had an on-time, all-clear start for Day 1.

The wind was Westerly, and while NOAA was forecasting a small-craft advisory, conditions up inside Narragansett Bay were brisk, but not unmanageable. Winds in the teens at the start, very little wave action given the wind direction. Of course, the trade-off with wind coming over land is the gusty-ness...

We set a long course, starting southeast of Rose Island (alongside the course for the NYYC Morgan Cup team racing regatta), and sent them up through the Newport Bridge, to the South of Prudence Island, then straight upwind to Quonset Point. From there, around the top of Prudence, dip south of Hog Island, and up under the Mount Hope Bridge, up into Fall River, then back down through Mt Hope, up over Hog, then a straightish shot back to finish Southwest of Rose Island in Newport.

The lead boats finished in just under four hours, despite a dying breeze as the seabreeze filled very, very late in the day (big shift to the southwest after most of the fleet finished).

Two boats bailed early (Skip Whyte and Ian Ray). Ben Setareh flipped early, then just followed the fleet (and took some risky shortcuts, narrowly avoiding disaster by cutting inside marks specifically chosen to keep delicate boards away from rocks!!!), eventually sailing around the outside of the finish line (enjoyed their day of sailing despite having no chance of catching the fleet).

Mike and Lindsay Easton started late, and had a minor rigging mishap, but corrected that and otherwise sailed well.

Jim Zellmer and Joe Valente were sailing fast, but just barely fast enough to eek out John and Peter Giuliano at the finish by a mere 9 seconds!!!

More west wind is forecast for tomorrow, with less pressure.

Results, etc. here:

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