I am getting 5+ liters in my 2018 NACRA 500 left hull (right hull is minimal). Leak test with bubbles suggests there is the crack in the fore access panel (largest, rarely submerged), a leak in one of the access ports (smaller, rarely submerged), and some leakage around the rudder gudgeon bolts (smallish but submerged). On big day with 25+knots gusts and 1-2 foot waves had around 25+ liters so figure I need to pay attention and try to fix them.

1) The bubble test showed that the forward access panel cracked along the joint and is leaking. I have used gelcoat filler to seal it but I doubt it will hold as it is likely too brittle. Can anyone tell me what compound I can use to seal the fore access panels? Something tenacious but with more flex and strength than gelcoat filler?

2) My access ports are leaking around the edges—has anyone ever used marine putty inside to seal them or do I need to completely re-seat and perhaps use bolts+gasket+silicon (instead of screws)? I have replaced the O rings. Please suggest a putty like or other product if you know one. Or any other fixes that I should consider.

3) Gudgeon/rudderbolts. I know that I just have to tighten and perhaps replace again. Need to think about what to do to make a better seal. Not easy place to work on. Figure I will tighten before each sail but that is a pain.

I know a liter or so is no big deal--but would be good to avoid having a gallon or more as it starts to affect performance..

Thank you for any advice--really appreciate it,

Cheers from Switzerland!

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See bubbles and detail of crack along the edge of the access panel
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