My wife said the same thing after a few years racing on my J-24! We "test sailed" a Corsair F24M2 with Bob Gleason out of Buzzards Bay, Mass. His co. is called "The Multihull Source"

I brought my wife and all 4 of my kids (ages 8yrs. to a 4mo. old) and Bob brought his two young sons (ages 3+5) anyway, all 9 of us on his F24. There was plenty of room and the kids LOVED laying on the low side tramps, watching the waves go by underneath. The wife loved -not- healing with every puff and being able to stay in the **** with the baby, with tramps on both sides, and I loved driving from the high ama. I want one and as soon as the money is available (2 of those kids are in college now), I'm getting one.

I don't know who is the dealer in the PNW, but the factory is in San Diego I think, call them.

If you are not interested in racing, you can pick up a used F27 for about the same price as a F24M2 ($40K) , and have much more room inside, and a small galley, potty, all the stuff wives like! <img src="" alt="" />

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